Monday, April 23, 2018

Please Vote for A TOUCH OF TEXAS IRISH for the RONE award.

Here I am asking for votes AGAIN! 

I am elated that A TOUCH OF TEXAS IRISH is in the running for a RONE AWARD in the Historical Fiction section.  Voting on Historical Fiction began today and will continue through the 29th. Please go to

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To locate the awards, go to the top right hand side of the page and click on IND'SCRIBE/RONES. Select RONES and then week two Historical Fiction.

"Aileen Lynch is devastated the day her mother dies of cancer. When the last will and testament is read, dark family secrets are revealed. Already stricken with grief, Aileen is shocked to learn of her father’s insurmountable gambling debts. Before she can be handed over in marriage to a sinister man her Da owes money to, Aileen flees Ireland for Boston, where she stays with the family of her Ma’s attorney. There she meets the handsome widower Dr. Samuel Walker, a visiting guest from Texas, who has lost his wife and baby in childbirth. He marries Aileen to get her out of the pickle she is in, and takes her to his home in west Texas. The town and culture is very different from Aileen’s Irish homeland, but she adapts beautifully. Once she meets Sam’s young son Tad, the two become fast friends.  Da and his dastardly debtor eventually find Aileen and do the unthinkable in an attempt to destroy Sam and Aileen. 

With several surprises and some suspense, this is a well-written page-turner.  There is the just right amount of angst as Sam fights his growing feelings for Aileen. It was refreshing to read the tastefully written, clean romance scenes. Would Sam and Aileen finally admit their love for each other? The author did a wonderful job with character development and description of life in the late 1800’s. A highly recommended five star read!"
 Layne Lancaste

Sometime this summer I have a new book, The Art Appraiser and The Lawman coming out. 

      "Good grief, Abby. You've been reading too many romance novels."
Abby Devry, a Fort Worth art appraiser meets Roark Espinoza, a Texas State Trooper at a party on a ranch in West Texas. Attraction is instant, but Abby hasn't had much experience with men, and she's worried he'll be hurt on the job. Roark knows what he wants in a woman and is determined to marry Abby, but wounds from a past relationship haunt him.

Hired to inventory and appraise items in a beautiful historical home in downtown Fort Worth, Abby is surprised to learn the owner is Roark's maternal grandmother, and he'll be there to help. As they work together, their relationship blooms. It isn't until they travel to the Espinoza family ranch that Abby learns to trust her heart and have faith that if Roark is hurt in the line of duty, she'll be woman enough to cope.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

New Release—Saved by the Pink Flamingo

I've always loved vintage trailers. And though I'd like to own one, my husband is not as fond of them as I am. So, we ended up with a new class B RV. If you've read my earlier posts on RVing you know my opinion on the subject.

My day dreaming led to this story about this pink travel trailer. I had a wonderful time writing it so hope you'll enjoy the story. Please let me know what you think.

Saved by the Pink Flamingo will be available in ebook format only on February 6. It is available for preorder now on Amazon. Here  is the link

Can one dinner with an obsessive client tear a marriage apart?

Laurel Thorne has been happily married to her husband, Boyd, for twenty years, but when he forgets their anniversary, she’s more than hurt—she’s angry. Though he’s tied up having dinner with an important client, Meredith Baxter, the picture that someone anonymously sends Laurel says that maybe the dinner wasn’t “all” business.

Laurel packs her art supplies, her clothes, and her dog, then hits the road—alone—in the old retro family travel trailer, known as The Pink Flamingo. After years of devoting her attention to her husband, her college-age twins, and her home, it’s time to see if she can still follow her own dreams of becoming the artist she’s always hoped to be.

But her alone time turns deadly when Boyd’s deranged client decides that he’s the man for her—not for Laurel—and there’s only one way to fix that. Laurel must die.  Though the travel trailer has been a haven for her to regain her perspective, can that sanctuary provide what she needs to salvage her marriage—and stay alive? Laurel must keep her wits about her as the crazed Meredith Baxter attempts an all-out assault. Now that she knows what’s truly important, will Laurel be SAVED BY THE PINK FLAMINGO?

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Thank you Again!

A Touch of Texas Irish also won Book of the Month at InD'tale Creme Da La Cover Contest. It wouldn't have been possible without your votes. So again...Thank you!

Here is a excerpt:

Fort Stockton, Texas
"Pa, Pa, please take me with you. I'll be good. I promise." Sam Walker managed to reach the buckboard dragging his five-year-old son, wrapped around his leg, along with each step. He tossed his travel bag into the back and reached down to pick up his son.
Tad's arms locked around Sam's throat, choking him. The little tadpole was strong for his age. Sam pried one arm loose and held it down so he could look him in the eye. "Now, son, you know I can't. I have meetings to attend, and who'd look after you during the day?"
The boy pushed out his lower lip, dropped his head, but cast his beautiful blue eyes up. They were so much like Jane's. Sam's heart wrenched every time Tad swung them his way, especially when wanting something. "I'm big, Pa. I can take care of myself."
Sam ruffled the boy's blond hair. "I know you are son, but the hotel won't allow it." He widened his eyes and feigned an expression of horror. "Why, they might put me in jail."
Tad's eyes rounded. "Really?"
"Well, I don't know for sure, but they could. That's what I'd do to a man if he left his little boy alone all day."
Tad released a heavy sigh and hung his head. "All right. I sure don't want you to get in trouble."
Sam chucked him on the chin. "Anyway, I need time to find a surprise for you in Boston. How could I shop with you underfoot?"
Tad's mouth gaped. "A...A surprise"
Sam swallowed his chuckle. "You are going to behave for Aunt Ruth, right?"
"Yes, sir. And I'll do my chores and take a bath, too."
Sam set him on his feet. "All right then. That settles it." He leaned down and whispered in Tad's ear. "I think Aunt Ruth needs a surprise too. Don't tell—."

Before he could finish, Tad was running and yelled, "Aunt Rufe, guess what?" Sam guffawed. So much for surprises. Ruth smiled and waved. Her pretty face held something he couldn't quite put his finger on. Was it sadness? Maybe, but he didn't think so. The woman had become a thorn in his side of late with her attempts to draw him into a romantic relationship. He stared at the young woman. All Sam wanted from a relationship at this point was friendship, and she'd begun to care for him beyond that. Though her strength kept him going after Jane and their infant died, when he returned, he needed to distance himself from her.
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Monday, September 11, 2017

Thank you all!

Who voted for my cover in the contest. We won!!! And the prize is an one-quarter page ad in Indtel's Magazine. I'm thrilled. So again, thank you!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Asking for a Favor.

My The Wild Rose Press Release A Touch of Texas Irish is up for he Creme dé la Cover contest at InD'tale. Your vote would be much appreciated. Here is the link.

Thanks in advance!

Linda LaRoque

Sunday, June 25, 2017

RVing Life—The Shower from Hell

Don't get me wrong. I love RVing but there are a few things I'd rather do at home. One is taking a shower. I guess in one of those big Class A buses, it would be fine, but in our little class B, it's a chore. First, there is barely enough room to turn around in the bathroom and adjusting the water with the sprayer head isn't the easiest of chores. But, when you're washing your hair and the gray water tank is full and backing up in the stall, you've got a problem.

So, I holler for Larry. With flashlight in hand he heads outside to empty the gray water. Meanwhile, I'm afraid to turn on the water, shampoo is running into my eyes and burning, and I don't have anything to wipe my eyes with. So, I grab the little hand towel and smear the soap over my face making matters worse. I am one unhappy camper. Finally the gray water is emptying from the shower floor, and I can resume my shower.

Lesson learned—never get in the shower without checking the gray water level first. Beings we're a small RV, our gray water holding tank is only 12-15 gallons.

FYI—we have three tanks—one for fresh water, one for gray water, and one for black water.  Please note, the black doesn't mix with the gray. If it does, you've got real problems.

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love for you to leave a comment about your camping experiences

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Two professional reviews for A Touch of Texas Irish

I'm excited about these reviews from Night Own Reviews and Long and Short Reviews.

"The pace is steady and it allows the reader to think about what the
 characters should do, according to the reader's thinking. That's 
what was so good about the book. You get to decide along the way,
what you think should happen and as you turn the pages, you find 
out if you're right. That place in your heart for Sam and Aileen 
gives an emotional air to the book. Grab a copy and find out what 
happens in Aileen's and Sam's marriage."

 by Long and Short Reviews
A Touch of Texas Irish by Linda LaRoque
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (217 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia
A death, a dreadful demand, and a deceptive departure took Aileen Lynch from her home in misty, green Ireland to the arid Fort Stockton area of Texas.
The reader is swept along with the emotional and physical turmoil of eighteen year old Aileen Lynch as she, with the help of the lawyer who controls her money, avoids marrying or being mistress to Brian MacAuley, the man her “Da” owes gambling debts to. She goes to America to stay with the lawyer’s relatives. Here she meets the widower Dr. Samuel Walker from Texas.
Her new life begins in what is to be a “marriage of convenience” to protect her and to give Walker’s young son Tad a mother. Good reading finding out how this works out. As Aileen works to win over Tad and to make a home that feels like it is hers, she has an adversary in Ruth, a relative of Samuel’s deceased wife, who had planned to be Samuel’s wife.
The gentle love story that threads its way through all the day to day activities is predictable but still a joy to read. The twists and turns of events and the shocking climax makes for “gotta finish this” kind of reading. There is a shocker that brackets the total story that stands out – if would be a spoiler if I told!
Linda La Roque’s smooth, straight-forward writing style is a pleasure to read. The research is thorough for the modes of travel in the late nineteenth century, for the attitudes of the people about the Irish, and many other details that make A Touch of Texas Irish seem real.
Enjoyable Reading!
Thanks for Reading. I hope you'll pick up a copy.