Friday, November 7, 2008

Reviews for A Law of Her Own

I'm pleased to share the reviews I have received for my short story
A Law of Her Own. To read the entire review, click on the review links. It is available now at The Wild Rose Press and Fictionwise.

Fallen Angel Reviews

A Law of Her Own - 5 Angels

A Law of Her Own by Linda LaRoque is a well thought out, well written story. I enjoy reading western and time travel romance and this book successfully combines both. Turner is the type of strong hero every gal dreams of. This story does not fail in making him a wonderful husband. Charity is a strong heroine. When she realizes she’s thrown back in time she doesn’t let the town’s outdated thoughts and ideas stop her from proving Turner’s innocence. She steps right in and goes about catching the killer. With her descriptions of the life and time, Mrs. LaRoque paints a wonderful picture of Texas in the 1800’s. This story makes me want to go back in time! I will be looking for more books by this author to read!Reviewed by: Kim N.

Night Owl Romance
A Law of Her Own

Hearts: 4

Linda LaRoque has written a lively tale of mysterious time travel, a modern day woman dropped into an 1888 Texas town, and an instant attraction between two people born over a century apart.
Reading this love story is a joy. LaRoque’s characters come alive in a fast-paced western romance you will want to finish in one read. Detailed descriptions and a sense of the time and place help the reader believe that Charity really was transported to Prairie, Texas.

There is realism to the story that only a few time travel authors can bring to the page. Grab this well written love story and enjoy the quick read. You will be glad you did.

Simply Romance Reviews - SRR GRADE: C

When I read A Law of Her Own, I liked the explanation of the small Texas town and the shops. I especially liked the detail of the cabin Charity rented and all the various niceties contained therein. The scenes were well-written and very well-thought out. The storyline kept my attention, and the research that went into the law as it existed in 1888 was phenomenal. I certainly never expected the twists and turns that led to the characters becoming involved with one another let alone what led to the capture of the true murderer. I wish the book was longer so Linda LaRoque could have delved more into the problems Charity encountered while trying to make the adjustment to her new life, and to her new relationship with Turner. The story felt rushed due to the page number constraints. Overall, this was a nice, quaint read for a weekend or whenever one has a day off with nothing to do but enjoy a good book. I was tickled pink to find out how the loose ends were tied up at the end in such a unique way. Truly a pleasant story to read.

~Reviewed by Laura

WRDF Review of A Law of Her Own by Linda LaRoque

Blue Seal

How to describe A Law of Her Own by Linda LaRoque? Yee-haw and bring on the cowboys! Charity Dawson, a true-blue city lawyer from 2008 steals away to the magnificence of the Texas prairies and finds herself trapped in 1888 with Turner Reardon, cowboy and condemned man. Employing modern-day forensics, Charity tries to save the man from the noose, only to be discredited because she’s a woman! Instead, she learns to fight the bad guys within the confines of the law as it exists in 1888.

Passion and mystery abound in this wonderful novella about learning that the path to desire may not always be the one you expect to set out upon. This story is a great afternoon read when you want to drift away under an old tree and experience some down-home cowboys who enjoy being claimed by strong-willed women.

I would recommend this novella and give it our Blue Seal.

Review by: B.B. Walter

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