Sunday, September 19, 2010

A 4 1/2 Shoe Review for My Heart Will Find Yours

I'm pleased to share this review My Heart Will Find Yours from Final Cut Editing.

My Heart Will Find Yours by Linda LaRogue

A carefree, fun-loving, young lady named Texana Keith befriends a special lady named Pearl , aka Pearlina Dyson. These 2 ladies hold a very special bond; one Pearl is acutely aware of; one Texana will soon discover and appreciate.

Pearl is an elderly widow holding an unbelievable secret to her life. Understanding that the time has come; the time to make a unique, almost outlandish, request of her beloved Texana. A request she has been preparing for, for a long time.

Pearl sits Texana down, providing memorabilia and trinkets to accompany the story of her existence in this century. Once finished with her tale, she asks a special favor of Texana. All Texana must do is take a few items Pearl provides her and get on a train, the rest will happen on its own.

Texanna, thinking her elderly friend has completely lost her mind, finally agrees to this ludicrous trip to pacify her fragile friend. All the while thinking she could make a shopping trip out of the whole thing. Never could Texana fathom what would happen next. Her life would never be the same. Waking up half naked, in Waco Texas , in 1876 was almost more than she could handle, until she realized this was only the beginning...


This time travel romance is a mind blowing journey jam-packed with action, adventure, and every emotion within. The witty, independent Texana makes you laugh and cry while the delicious Royce Dyson has you falling in love with him without even trying; a genuine, sexy, gentlemen that one finds only in the old movies.

My Heart Will Find Yours is an emotional and heavenly train ride you don't want to miss boarding.

LaRoque works her magic, never ceasing to amaze with her glorious stories and exceptional writing skills. She makes her readers "believe." Her attention to detail, well crafted descriptions, and obvious research makes this, as well as every other, story of hers comes to life on the pages. I just couldn't put this story down.

I've been a fan of Linda LaRoque from the first book of hers I ever read and will continue to be for a very long time. Please see my other reviews of this truly talented author and check out the rest of her books. She never disappoints!

4.5 Shoes

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  1. LINDA--this is an absolutely stunning review. You should be very proud of it. Congratulations! Celia

  2. Great review - sounds an intriguing story, Linda!

  3. I enjoyed your tid-bits that you shared at the last meeting and really need to pick up this story. Adding it to my ever growing list of must reads. Congratulations on the warm review.

  4. Thank you, Rosemary. I had a great time writing this story.

  5. I hope you will Rachael and thank you.