Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Cover for A Stolen Chance

At last I can show off the beautiful cover for A Stolen Chance, my paranormal romance set along old Route 66 in New Mexico. Isn't it beautiful? Cover artist Diana Carlile did a wonderful job? It will be published by The Wild Rose Press as a Faery Rose--no pub date yet, but I'll be shouting it out as soon as I hear.

Here is a short blurb about the book.

Mystery and danger lead two people on a path of discovery.

Running from an ex husband bent on revenge, Susan Lawton finds refuge at a small motel along old Route 66 in Siesta, New Mexico. Albuquerque police detective Carson Rhodes can’t live with the atrocity he committed, so he resigns his commission and returns home to run the haunted Siesta Motel and Café. As they battle their demons, and locate a lost Zuni treasure, will Susan and Carson win their war against evil and will a lasting love be their reward?

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cruzin' With the Girls

On August 26, 2012, two cousins (one from each side of my family) and my sister-in-law (who happens to be Kay's best friends from high school) left for Galveston, Texas to spend the night before boarding the Celebrity Triumph the next day. We ate at Guido's Restaurant and all had delicious seafood. Here is a picture of the Galveston seawall.

Then, on Monday morning the 27th, we piled into the shuttle to take us to the pier. After waiting in line for check-in, we had our picture taken as a group. As you can see, I never leave home without a computer in case I get the urge to write. They do have internet, but it's $29.95 for 45 minutes. Rather high.

Anna Muriel, Cheryl, Linda and Kay
 On board, we headed for our cabins. We'd opted for balcony rooms and had the partition between ours opened so we could visit back and forth in our pajamas. We'd intended to spend more time outside but it was too humid and hot.

The sea was a little choppy as a result of Isaac, but Kay is the only one who got seasick but only for a short while. We all staggered as we walked but fit right in with everyone else.

First full day was at sea we checked out the on board shops, hit the casino, and did pretty much nothing. Our first stop was in Progresso. Everyone but me took the Salsa and Salsa tour. They had a good time, learned how to make authentic salsa  and danced. It was so hot, two of them, along with another participant jumped into the pool fully clothed. I'm sure if I'd gone along I'd have been right in there with them.

Day three was a stop in Cozumel. My sister-in-law swam with the dolphins and then met the shopping group. The two you see in the pool had a wonderful time at the stores and came back with a bag full of goodies, mostly jewelry and rather tanked on margaritas. They had a wonderful time and were braver than Kay and I. She'd survived the heat the day before and said, "No more." I'd done the shopping thing before and wasn't interested in spending my money in the jewelry shops.

From the balcony at night. Isn't it beautiful!
Larry and I had taken this same cruise is November of 2009 and I don't think it was near as hot. We could sit on the balcony and enjoy the waves, but on this trip it was so humid out it was stifling. In 2009 we'd visited a Tequila factory, toured the old market and the first church on the island, toured Mayan ruins, had lunch at a ranch and were later treated to a horse show. Now, I can't remember what we saw at which port and unfortunately I didn't label my pictures, but you can look back to my 2009 posts where I blogged not only about this cruise but the one we took to New England and Canada.

Here we are the last night of the cruise. As always, our waiters were loads of fun and made sure we had everything we wanted to eat. The food was delicious! They also entertained us each night with singing and dancing.

We four girls had a wonderful time together and I think it was the first of many trips to come. Several other cousins have mentioned their interest so hopefully our group will grow.

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