Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Coming in March—A Touch of Irish Texas

Heiress Aileen Lynch has just lost her mother to cancer, but her spendthrift stepfather insists she must cancel his gambling debts by marrying his disreputable associate. Fleeing Ireland with the help of her mother’s lawyer, she lands in Boston to stay with friends and is attracted to one of their visitors. Doctor Samuel Walker is in town to attend a medical conference. When he meets the lovely young Irishwoman he is quite taken with her and, at his colleague's entreaty, marries her and takes her home to Texas with him to keep her safe. Sam rationalizes that he doesn’t need a wife but he does need a mother for his son. While Aileen strives to earn Sam’s affection, he vows never to risk Aileen’s safety or his heart—he’ll not father a child and watch Aileen die in childbirth as his first wife did. And falling in love is not in his plans.

Stay tuned for a contest to celebrate the release of A Touch of Texas Irish. I'll be awarding one winner a James Avery charm bracelet with a shamrock charm.

Happy Reading and Writing!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus sung by Jimmy Boyd

This song came out in July of 1952. Written and sung by 13 year-old Jimmy Boyd.

"Boyd's record was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church in Boston when it was released on the grounds that it mixed kissing with Christmas. Boyd was photographed meeting with the Archdiocese to explain the song. After the meeting, the ban was lifted.[Citation Needed]" Wikipedia

The song is special to me as I remember hearing it on the radio as we traveled during the holiday season to Canada for Daddy's next Air Force assignment. I worried about my own mother kissing Santa Clause as at the time still believed in Santa Clause. 

Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season whichever holiday traditions you celebrate.