Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Art Appraiser and the Lawman—a sequel to When the Ocotillo Bloom

When I wrote When the Ocotillo Bloom, I fell in love with Lynn's daughter, Abby, and the Texas highway patrolman, Roark Espinoza, and knew they had to have their own story. But, I didn't know they'd end up together. So here it is—The Art Appraiser and the Lawman.

When Abby Devry, a Fort Worth art and antiques appraiser, meets a handsome Texas State Trooper, there is no way to ignore the instant attraction.  Roark Espinoza has had his eye on Abby, and after one dance together, he knows she’s the one for him. But Abby hasn’t had much experience with men, and she’s worried about the dangers of Roark’s job. A lawman at heart, he plans to become a Texas Ranger as soon as he is able. Though Roark believes Abby is the woman for him, he’s haunted by wounds from a past relationship.
When Abby’s job assignment sends her to inventory and appraise items in a beautiful historical home in downtown Fort Worth, Fate throws Abby and Roark together once more.  The owner of the home happens to be none other than Roark’s grandmother, and he shows up to help with the project. As Abby and Roark work together, their relationship blooms, but it isn't until they travel to the Espinoza family ranch that Abby learns to believe her heart.

When a murder takes place at the ranch, Abby’s faith and trust in Roark is tested. Is love in the cards for THE ART APPRAISER AND THE LAWMAN?


Abby Devry hugged the wall like a freshman at a high school dance. Oh well, this evening wasn't about her. It was to celebrate her mother's marriage. She leaned against the open barn door and watched as her mother, Lynn Devry, and her groom, Seth Williams, snuck out through one of the side doors. A grin tickled her lips, and she released a laugh at the happiness emanating from the couple. Both divorced, they'd waited a long time to find someone to complete their lives. Now, Abby not only had a stepfather, but three stepbrothers as well, one who was her current boyfriend.
The dance floor, or she should say the barn floor, was filled with couples dancing, including her date, Brandon Williams. He'd danced the last two numbers with Riley Espinoza, his sweetheart from when they were teens. This one was a slow number, and from the clench they had on each other, the romance wasn't over. Abby turned and headed toward the corral. 
"Abby, wait up."
She stopped and turned at the deep baritone voice. With the light to his back she didn't at first recognize Roark Espinoza, Riley's brother. As he neared, the tall and handsome man with dark hair and skin, a reflection from his Mexican heritage, his deep blue eyes shone like diamonds in the waning light. And when he smiled showing off those beautiful white teeth, her stomach flipped.
"Come back in and dance with me." He extended his hand.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll pick up a copy of The Art Appraiser and the Lawman. And if you haven't read When the Ocotillo Bloom, grab a copy of it also.
Happy reading and writing!