Friday, December 7, 2007

A Heart's Desire - Coming Feb 15th from Dark Eden Press

A Heart’s Desire

When life is filled with pain, look to the future – or the past.

Loren Fairchild wants nothing more than a family, but she’s barren. She is enchanted with the English cottage in Bury, but shocked when a simple-minded woman wearing a nightgown walks in as if she lives there. That afternoon, Loren explores the pond and meadow beyond the garden. A storm blows in and when she arrives back at the cottage, a man, two children, and an elderly woman are in her cottage, having dinner at her table.

When Miles Chapeau came home from the war in 1945, his wife had the mind of a child. He struggles to keep her close to the house and safe. One morning, in 1947, he wakes and she’s gone. A wide search is conducted, but she’s not found. That evening as a storm rages outside, he and his housekeeper try to comfort his two children. The door is thrown open and a drenched woman demands to know what they’re doing in her cottage.

Route 66, Chaco Canyon, & Zuni Mountain Lodge

If you've never made the trip to Chaco Canyon, it's worth the 20 mile drive over rough dirt roads. I love history and it's amazing to see the ruins of a culture that was here more than 1000 years ago. They definitely left part of their spirit behind to share with us.
To the left you'll see petroglyphs behind the ruins of Una Vida, the pueblo closest to the Visitor's Center and the setting for my latest time travel.

In the picture below is Una Vida from the cliff above. It was much bigger than what we can see here, but it's not near the largest of the pueblos at Chaco Canyon.

In the above picture is Zuni Mountain Lodge, our home away from home while touring the canyon. It is located south of Thoreau (pronounced Threw). Breakfast and dinner are part of this inn's accommodations. The food was delicious, the atmosphere homey and comfortable. Thanks Bob for a wonderful stay.
As a writer, this area spurred my imagination. I've got several stories in mind. Now to find the time to write them.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Get your kicks on Route 66

My husband and I spent almost a week touring route 66. We started in Amarillo and got as far as Winslow, AZ before turning homeward. Even though the road is non-existent in places, what we were able to see was a step back in time. What a life that must have been. Of course, it's easy for us to glamorize when in fact in it's early history, life was hard along the route.

Here is a picture of the First/Last Motel and Cafe in Texas.

If you've never toured Chaco Canyon, it's well worth the 20 mile drive on dirt road. These puebloen people were thriving before Mesa Verde's existence. We drove through the Remains of the painted desert and petrified forest in Arizona.
Both were beautiful, each in their own way.

We're not finished with route 66. Next spring we'll start in Amarillo and head east.


A new publishing contract

Champagne Books offered me a contract for my novel Forever Faithful. Of course, I'm delighted and now can hardly wait to see what the cover will look like. Here is a short blurb.

LUCAS and GAIL JOHNSON live the idyllic life on their ranch near the small town of Stony Creek, Texas. The one thing they want but don’t have is a child created from their love. Will an unidentified body pulled from nearby Possum Creek and a single night of indiscretion shatter their dreams of happily ever after?

Thanks for listening!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coming in 2008 from Dark Eden Press

Can you survive a step through
The Veil?

A special time travel series coming 2008 from Dark Eden Press.

T.J. Killian - Ice Beauty

Soren is a hunter of extremes, a talent needed in the unforgiving land of fourteenth century Greenland. The snow and ice encroach daily. Then he has one more mouth to feed. A helpless mouth who will pay her way on the flat of her back. A battle for life becomes a battle of wills - at risk is the love of his Ice Beauty.

Linda LaRoque - A Heart's Desire

Vacationing after the failure of her marriage, Loren finds refuge in a comfortable country cottage with a dark secret. A step through the garden’s ivy-covered gazebo takes her to post WW II and a man who she lusts for and can give her everything her Heart Desires.

Nolwen Ardennes - Entrust Thyself
Born in a time when sex sells, Bella finds herself in a predicament. She's been thrust back to Regency England. There she comes face to face with a man who is both a rogue and her destiny. First, she has to understand the strict ruled society, not an easy feat for this jaded miss. But he has the greater challenge - he has to trust her, but more importantly he has to trust himself.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Check out the contest - Chasing the Witch

You have until midnight October 27, 2007 to finish so check out my previous post for all the details.

Happy Halloween,


Monday, October 8, 2007

Contest - Chasing the Vile Witch Contest

My friend T.J. Killian is sponsoring another contest. They are fast paced and loads of fun so join us for the hoopla! In addition to all the other prizes, I'll be giving away 2 ecopies of When the Ocotillo Bloom.
Have fun!!!

Chasing the Vile Witch Contest
Take a moment because it is almost here.
The night when cyberspace shivers with fear.A witch has escaped, she's stalking the net.Where will she visit? What authors to be met?She's vile and tricky, a withered old crone.She'll be here and there leaving traces of sinew and bone.Hope for a hero, someone to stop her cold.Tell T.J. where to go, let the story unfold.

* * * * *

Join T.J. Killian and a long list of authors on October 20, 2007, asshe chases the vile witch across the internet. An interactive gamefull of fun, some surprises, and of course, lots of prizes.Immediately following the chase will be a scavenger hunt for thegrand prize of a 25.00 gift certificate to Dark Eden Press.Who is invited? - everyoneWhen - promptly at 9 PM EST on October 20, 2007Where - Love Romances Café Yahoo Group and Dark Eden Press Readers'Yahoo Group.Chase contest runs from Oct. 20, 2007 until Oct. 27, 2007.Scavenger hunt runs from Oct. 22, 2007 until Nov. 10, 2007.Twice the gaming, twice the fun.Hope you can join us,

Monday, October 1, 2007

Abilene Book & Music Festival

Hey guys,

Saturday, September 29, 2007, I attended the Abilene Book and Music Festival in Abilene, Texas.
A variety of authors and musicians were present selling their books and music. I had a great time and it was wonderful to meet other Texas authors, particularly fellow Wingies.

Above is a picture of 4 Wings ePress authors. Rita Thedford, Tempted; Alisha Paige, her Wings book will be out sometime in 2008 but Canyon Wolf Bride with The Wild Rose Press is out now; Linda LaRoque, When the Ocotillo Bloom; and Tricia Lee, A Caribbean Summer.

We've all been email friends so it was nice to meet in person.

Happy Reading and Writing!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Abilene Book and Music Festival

The Abilene Public Library is hosting their annual Book and Music Festival September 25-29. On Saturday the 29th, authors from all over Texas will be there signing their books. If you're in the neighborhood, come by the civic center, pick up some reading material, and meet some of your favorite authors.

Hope to see you there,


Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Heart's Desire

Hello friends,

I'm pleased to announce my short story A Heart's Desire, set in post WWII, will be published sometime in early 2008 by Dark Eden Press. It is a time travel that is part of the The Veil series. I loved writing this story and pleased that it found a home with Dark Eden Press . I'll let you know when it's out.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New Horizons

For the last month or so I've been branching out and writing short stories. I've found that I love writing them because I can type "The End" so much faster and yet the story still has twists and turns. Both are time travels. One takes place in England during the 1940's and the other takes place in the Panhandle of Texas in 1888. Both have been submitted to editors, so here's hoping they'll want them and I'll have covers to post.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's good to be home.

I love traveling, going to conventions, etc., but am always so ready to get home. This year's National RWA Conference in Dallas was a big success as always. I met people I've known on line for several years so it was nice to meet them face to face.

Some of the Wings epress authors got together Friday for lunch and again for dinner. The dinner group met in Antares at the top of the tower. It was a gorgeous view of Dallas.

The workshops were great. I didn't get to attend as many as I wanted, but came away with plenty of new ideas. And talk, talk, talk. If you didn't know anyone, there was always someone to start up a conversation with.

Next year's conference will be in L.A. Not sure if I'll be able to make that one, but what a great place to visit.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RWA Nationals in Dallas

Hello fellow readers and writers,

Here it is, one day before time to leave and I'm not packed. Why do I always wait 'til the last minute and stress myself out? Oh well, I always manage to get there.

Being a Texan, I've driven in Dallas traffic many times but am glad I'm not the chauffeur. Hated the mixmaster in the '60's and you can imagine what it's like today. However, I do have to say, Dallas drivers are relatively polite. They'll let you in a jam packed lane and I don't believe I've received a rude gesture since I've been driving there.

I'm looking forward to meeting people I've only known via the Internet. It's amazing how many friends you can make in cyberspace. Several of the Wings epress authors are getting together for a chat so that will be fun and two of my critique buddies will be there.

Of course, there will be great sessions and speakers, and oodles of free books.

Hope to see some of you there.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Convention Woes

As I prepare to attend the national Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas in July, I can't help but remember the year the convention was in Reno. What a wonderful place to visit. Not only was the conference informative but I had a wonderful time playing the slots. Luckily, I didn't lose more than $20.00. I wish I could say the trip was a complete success, but unfortunately there was a hitch.

As we prepared to leave the hotel, I put my driver's license in my pocket so I wouldn't have to search for it while in line at the airport. If you've ever been to a national conference, you know you receive loads of free books. So, we were loaded down with carry on bags, determined we wouldn't leave any behind.

When leaving the hotel, I dropped our room keys in the key box and we hailed a taxi. The line at the airport was long, so we negotiated our mountain of baggage, inch by inch, closer to the counter. When we were several customers away, I reached in my pocket for my driver's license. It wasn't there. After ten minutes of panic, I realized I'd dropped it in the key box at the hotel. Unfortunately, the desk clerks were busy and in no hurry to rush it out to the airport for me.

I explained my situation to the ticket clerk. She asked if I had another form of picture ID. I couldn't think of one but searched my wallet and came across my Sam's card. She was able to accept it with a credit card, but let me know I'd be going through extra security. No problem. As long as I got on that plane, I'd go through anything.

However, I didn't really know what extra security meant. I was pulled aside, my purse and carry on bags were searched. It was embarrassing when he pulled out all those romance books with the hot covers. A wand was swished around in my bag and then inserted into a machine to test for drugs or explosives or something. Then I was told to put my feet on the marked places on the floor. In other words, "spread 'um." A female security guard passed a wand over my body, patted me down, and I was released -- after stuffing all those novels back in my bag.

Truth be told, I'm grateful to have made my flight and feel no ill will toward the airline security people. I appreciate their efforts to keep us safe in the air, and hate that I made their job more difficult. I can assure you, I won't make the same mistake twice.

Fortunately this year we'll be driving. Hope to see you in Dallas.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TJ Killian is chasing her villians across the internet

Hello fellow readers and authors,

My friend TJ Killian's book Northern Skye is being released Friday, June 15, 2007
by New Concepts Publishing. To celebrate it's release, TJ is having a contest where she'll chase her undead villian across the internet. Participants will follow her as she hits a variety of publishers, authors, and yahoo websites leaving a trail of clues. There are loads of prizes. If you're interested, visit yahoo group - romancewithTJand friends for details. It's going to be a blast!

I just typed "The End" on my second time travel Love of Sky. Of course I still have final edits to do. The first time travel My Heart Will Find Yours is currently going through revisions. Hopefully I'll have both ready to market at RWA's national conference in July.

It's back to work for me. Happy reading.


Saturday, June 2, 2007

When the Ocotillo Bloom - on

It's a big thrill to see my book listed at Amazon and other major book
stores like Borders, Hastings, and Barnes and Nobel. While today, most
of the book promotion is left up to the author, seeing it online is exciting
and a big help.

A few blogs ago I discussed my trip to West Texas where the novel
takes place. Several area book stores requested signed copies to add
to their stock.

Happy Reading, Folks!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Visit TJ Killian's new Reader's Group - Contest

Contest in TJ's Reader's Group - Heads up

These begin on June 1st, so gather your friends around, and lets
have some fun in my Reading Group.

I think everyone loves a good villain. They make us shiver. They
make us hate them. Keeping with that line of discussion :

June's theme is - No One Mourns the Wicked.

So here you go.

1. You tell me and the group about your favorite villain.
2. What makes them the one you love to hate?
3. The book it came from, and the author.

If you can't remember the last two, don't sweat it - it's just nice
to have in case someone wants to read the story.

Prize - for this month is a Celtic Good Luck Knot Charm - so you'll
have the luck of the Irish on your side if you ever meet up with a
true villain.

The Winner is picked randomly from all submissions received.

Basic Rules & Guidelines

1. You have to be a member of TJ's Reading Group.
2. The contest runs from Friday when the contest is posted to the
following Friday at 12:00 AM EST.
3. In the Subject Line put - FFF CONTEST (this is very important).
4. If you are Moderated, don't panic, I'll get to it before the
contest ends.
5. Try to combine your responses to multiple postings into one e-
mail, so nothing gets lost. e.g. - Great ones - Miss X, Miss Y, Miss
6. If you don't agree, don't say anything. This is a friendly
community and I would like to keep it that way.

Any Questions, just shout out to amuzinglee@...


TJ, I'm having to think hard about a villian. Guess I'll review some of my favorite books and see which one has the meanest dude. Sounds like loads of fun. Good luck!


Winner of my contest - When the Ocotillo Bloom

Congratulations to Rita Thedford of Abilene, TX, for winning an autographed copy of my first novel When the Ocotillo Bloom. Rita, I'll be getting your book in the mail asap.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Whew! What a week!

You know how some weeks you don't receive any positive feedback on your work and others you get several warm fuzzies in a row? That's how my week has been. On Monday morning, my critique partner and mentor said my reworked chapter was much better. Then, that afternoon I received a call from an editor with Atriad Press with the news they liked my haunted house short story and want to add it to the collection of stories they are compiling.

So, this morning imagine my delight when I received news via email that The Romance Studio had finished reviewing my book. It received 4 1/2 Hearts!!! As if that wasn't enough, I learned that two of the stores in west Texas I'd left books with want me to send copies for them to sell.

My cup is overflowing.

Here is a copy of the review.

When the Ocotillo Bloom Linda LaRoqueContemporary romanceAvailable from Wings ePressISBN: 978-1-59705-235-3January 2007
Lynn Devry was a divorced, middle-aged, overweight teacher who had just taken a job at a spa ranch where she would be employed 6 hours a day baking bread; the other hours were hers to do as she pleased. Or so she thought! Her daughter and friend, Dr. Art had helped her secure this position. What she did not know was that she was signed (as in contracted) to work at Ocotillo Ranch, a summer camp for troubled kids. Seth Williams, an adolescent psychologist, was fulfilling his life-long dream of running this camp for neglected children. His wife, Barbara, had divorced him seven years ago because she did not like the outback, rural area.
To say Lynn was livid when she found out what kind of a camp she was at would be an understatement! She was furious that, not only did she have to live and work with these kids, ages 7 to teen, but she was required to get into shape, starting with water aerobics daily, including 10 laps after each day’s workout. She could hardly walk to the pool house, let alone swim! She refused to stay any longer than it took for Seth to find a replacement which he did not pursue for a long while.
Linda LaRoque has done an exceptional job with this story! She shows how two people who start out at such diabolical ends of the spectrum can actually belong together. They each had thoughts on how to conduct themselves and Ms. LaRoque allowed their personalities to merge into a relationship which worked exceedingly well. The supporting characters were many and varied; each played a wonderful part in the overall plot of this book. The interactions with the many children helped mold many actions they found impossible to resist.
I found that this unique story was so interesting that I read it straight through. I absolutely could not stop reading until the very end and then wanted to see it continue. I loved this book and recommend it highly!
Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Brenda TalleyMay 17, 2007
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Copyright © 2007


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day - Contest - free copy of my book

As a new author, and one from a small press, I'm always trying to come up with ideas to increase sales. So, I'm having a contest. It ends Monday, May 21st at midnight. There is nothing to buy, just go to my website for details.

I'm please to say that among Wings authors, I'm listed as 2nd in the best seller list and 1st in the highest rated. When the Ocotillo Bloom is the book of my heart so these statistics warm my soul. It took me 12 years to write, probably 7 rewrites to get it ready, with the help of friends, before getting published. In those years I also wrote two more books, as yet unpublished, and have two others almost ready to market.

All in all, I love what I'm doing - writing. I don't get much cooking or house cleaning done, but I'm turning out the pages.

Hope all you ladies have a wonderful Mother's Day.


Monday, May 7, 2007

Texas Mountain Trail Writers Retreat

I just love an excuse to return to west Texas. So, when I heard about theTexas Mountain Trail Writers Retreat April 21-22, I started packing.

My husband and I have lived in both Alpine and Fort Stockton. We love everything about the area -- the people, the landscapes, the weather. I'd just bought a new car, an HHR, and was ready to put some miles on it.

The retreat was held at the Girl Scout Encampment at Miter Peak, just outside Alpine or Fort Davis depending on from which direction you're coming. Speakers included an agent from New York, an editor from Dallas, a bookseller from the Austin area, and a local newspaper/book editor. We'd been given a writing assignment prior to the retreat, so Saturday night after a wonderful dinner, and with a fire blazing in the fireplace, we formed a circle and read our stories - A Peak Experience.

On Sunday I drove to Shafter to visit good friends. The town has very few residents, but is beautiful, interesting, and a wonderful place to take pictures. I was delighted to see the ocotillo were still in bloom. Here are a couple of pictures - one of an ocotillo fence, the other a lovely old catholic church.

All in all, the trip was very productive and inspiring. Since I've returned home I've written two short stories, and as alway, am working madly on my next novel.

If you've never been to west Texas, you don't know what you're missing. Of course, you can experience it through reading -- like in my book and many others based in the area.



When the Ocotillo Bloom best seller for April 2007

Yipee! I was pleased to learn that When the Ocotillo Bloom was the best selling book for the month of April at Wings ePress. So, as you can imagine, I'm dancing on air. Hopefully, it wasn't due to all the books I bought to take to west Texas, but because people are enjoying the book and the news is getting out.

Happy reading,

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Blog? Who Me?

I'm a new author and technically challenged when it comes to this cyberspace stuff. After I finally got my website up and running, I decided to get on myspace. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I did finally get a background for my profile page, but would like some music, etc.

As you can imagine, I've spent hours pulling my hair out trying to get my name on the web to market my book When the Ocotillo Bloom published in both POD and eformat by Wings in February 2007.

For months, as I struggled with my website, I've repeated these words. "I do not intend to have a blog." But, here I am, starting a blogg. And you know, it's kinda nice writing down some of my thoughts.

I learned yesterday that a finished book needs major revisions for it to be marketable. Though at first disappointed, after some thought, the changes definitely made sense. So, I'm anxious to get started, but first must finish the book I'm in the middle of now.

So, I better close and get busy. Regards, Linda