Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coming in 2008 from Dark Eden Press

Can you survive a step through
The Veil?

A special time travel series coming 2008 from Dark Eden Press.

T.J. Killian - Ice Beauty

Soren is a hunter of extremes, a talent needed in the unforgiving land of fourteenth century Greenland. The snow and ice encroach daily. Then he has one more mouth to feed. A helpless mouth who will pay her way on the flat of her back. A battle for life becomes a battle of wills - at risk is the love of his Ice Beauty.

Linda LaRoque - A Heart's Desire

Vacationing after the failure of her marriage, Loren finds refuge in a comfortable country cottage with a dark secret. A step through the garden’s ivy-covered gazebo takes her to post WW II and a man who she lusts for and can give her everything her Heart Desires.

Nolwen Ardennes - Entrust Thyself
Born in a time when sex sells, Bella finds herself in a predicament. She's been thrust back to Regency England. There she comes face to face with a man who is both a rogue and her destiny. First, she has to understand the strict ruled society, not an easy feat for this jaded miss. But he has the greater challenge - he has to trust her, but more importantly he has to trust himself.

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