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Romancing the Book at Bedford Public Library

I had a wonderful time in Bedford, Texas at their Meet the Author Day March 23, 2013. I sold some books, met many wonderful people, including a few authors I knew online and ate too many cookies, and other snack foods.

The library's Friends of the Library were sponsors and they did a wonderful job at organizing and running the event. If you live near Bedford, drop by their library and look around. It's a beautiful place. I believe it was a Food Lion before being converted into a library. The design and artwork is something to see.

Here I am with some of my books.

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A Marshal of Her Own is LASR's Book of 2012

Thank you all for voting for my story. I'm thrilled to add this honor to my accomplishments and
couldn't have done without everyone's help.

In case you haven't read it, here is a blurb and excerpt.

Despite rumors of “strange doings” at a cabin in Fredericksburg, investigative reporter Dessa Wade books the cottage from which lawyer, Charity Dawson, disappeared in 2008. Dessa is intent on solving the mystery. Instead, she is caught in the mystery that surrounds the cabin and finds herself in 1890 in a shootout between the Faraday Gang and a US Marshal.

Marshal Cole Jeffers doesn’t believe Miss Wade is a time traveler. He admits she’s innocent of being an outlaw, but thinks she knows more about the gang than she’s telling. When she’s kidnapped by Zeke Faraday, Cole is determined to rescue her. He’s longed for a woman of his own, and Dessa Wade just might be the one—if she’ll commit to the past.


Dessa stood still and watched as they conversed. Something stank to high heaven about this entire situation. Why were the cops chasing robbers on horseback? It’s not like Fredericksburg was that isolated. She glanced at the captured men. The boy moaned, and she made a step to go over and help him. The Marshal spun, and the expression in his eye froze her in place.

“He needs first aid.”

“He’s fine. The Doc will tend to him when we get to the jail.”

“You could at least call 911 and let them patch him up for you.” She nodded to the man lying so still with his eyes closed. “Your other prisoner doesn’t look so good. He’s going to die on you if you don’t start CPR or get him some help.”

“Lady, no one is going to hear a yell from out here. Never heard of any 911 or CPR.” He propped the hand not holding the shotgun on his hip and threw her a disgusted look. “Are you blind? That man is dead, shot through the heart.”

Her head swam for a moment, and she struggled not to give in to the sensation and faint. She drew in deep gulps of air. “Well...well..., what about the coroner and the meat wagon, not to mention the CSI folks? If you don’t get them to record the scene, how are you going to cover your butt? The authorities might say you shot him in cold blood.”

He looked at her like she’d sprouted an extra head. “I don’t know what the hell you are talking about woman. No one will question my authority. I’m the law in this county. Now, be quiet, or I’m going to gag you.”

A Marshal of Her Own will be available now at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and other online book stores. It is the sequel to A Law of Her Own available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble.com and other online book stores. A Love of His Own, the third story in the Prairie, Texas series, is also available at the above stores.

Again, thank you for your help!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's a Wonderful Undead Life - R E Mullins

I'm pleased to have Debut author, RE Mullins here today. RE, I love your cover and the title of your book. It's going to stop traffic for sure! Readers, RE will be giving away a copy of her book today so be sure and leave a comment.

Bio: I worked as a phlebotomist for ten years and heard every vampire joke in the book. We were called vampire, ticks and leeches. One elderly gentleman said phlebotomists were one step up from the revenuer and the undertaker. I even had a woman write a children’s magazine article on me entitled: The Bloodsucker. As I worked (and daydreamed) an idea germinated. I envisioned a nightshift phlebotomist being turned into a vampire. Without her mentor, she is forced to turn to the lab and her patients for sustenance…

RE Mullins was born and raised in Joplin, Missouri. She has also lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, Springfield, Missouri and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Though she has loved each area, the Ozarks hold a special place in her heart. That is why she set her fictional town of Amber Heights there.

Excerpt: Bitterness and regret bubbled deep within him. It was impossible not to resent Sabriento for taking away his freedom of choice and robbing him of the dream he’d waited hundreds of years for. Yet turn her he must and not for his sake as everyone might assume. He was doing it to protect his family

Blurb: What happens when you pray for an angel and get a vampire instead?

It's been a rough couple of years for Cailey Kantor. Facing her first Christmas alone and bad financial news, she prays for an angel to fix her problems. Instead, a sadistic, sociopathic vampire, with the goal of starting a vampire war, attacks her and forces her to drink blood stolen from the Nosferatu Gabriel Blautsauger. 

Gabe must complete Cailey's turning or she will die. In doing so he risks losing his yet unfound soulmate. But something about the lovely mortal speaks to his heart. Once her transformation is complete, he and Cailey find themselves embroiled in a battle that could cost them all they hold dear. 

Faced with lies, abduction, and betrayal Cailey wonders if the vampire she is falling fangs over heart for is in it for love or if she's just a means to stop a war.

R.E. Mullins buy links: amazon, barnes & Noblethewildrosepress

Contact info: www.facebook.com/REMullinsauthor Twitter #REMullins Pinterest http://pinterest.com/robinelainem/pins/

Don't forget to leave RE a comment. Happy Reading and Writing!

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Winner of Kari Townsend's Drawing

Congratulations Debra St. John. You are the winner of a print copy of Kari's book. I hope you and Kari have made contact.

Judy Gill, you are the winner of one of my ebooks--your choice in PDF format. Let me know your choice and I'll send it to you.

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving Kari a comment.

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Karie Lee Townsend and her Fortune Teller Mystery

Hi Kari! It's great to have you here today. I love this cover. Whoever designed it did a wonderful job!

Kari is giving away a paperback copy of Trouble in the Tarot to one lucky commenter. Sorry, to US residents only. So, please be sure and leave one for her. In addition, I'll give away a PDF copy of any of my releases to one commenter--winner's choice.

How Trouble in the Tarot came about

I’ve always loved the paranormal. It’s so fascinating to me, especially fortune-telling. Years ago I went with a friend to a psychic fair, and we had our palms read and I was hooked. Then later I went to a tea-leaf reader’s home and had my tea leaves read. And still later I went to a chapter meeting for a writing organization I belong to and I had a past-life reading done. Each time the readings were so accurate they were uncanny. And not just for me, but for those around me as well. I am sure there are frauds out there, but there are also too many cases where things can’t be explained.

When I decided I wanted to write a paranormal cozy mystery series, I knew I wanted to write about a psychic. I didn’t want her to just be a psychic, so I thought having her use fortune-telling tools to help interpret her visions would be a lot of fun. And still further, having each book focus on a different fortune-telling tool made my research that much more interesting.

For book 1, we decided to focus on tea leaves because it hadn’t been done before. That book was a success, so I asked my editor what tools she wanted me to focus on next. She said crystal balls and tarot cards. So for book 2, I chose crystal balls because that tool worked better for the plot I had in mind. And now in book 3, the tarot cards were a perfect fit for Sunny to give readings in the park at the Summer Solstice Carnival. Here’s a little excerpt to show you how it all pans out…

TROUBLE IN THE TAROT (book 3 of the Fortune Teller Mysteries – March 5, 2013)
For psychic Sunshine Meadows, sometimes fortunes can be deceiving…

Lately Sunny has been experiencing a period of big opportunity: her business in Divinity, New York, is thriving, and Detective Mitch Stone has finally agreed to take Sunny on a date. But thanks to her clairvoyant abilities, Sunny knows better than anyone that life deals out bad cards along with the good.

When Sunny agrees to read tarot cards at the annual summer Solstice Carnival, she meets her Granny Gert’s “arch nemesis” Fiona Atwater, and is overcome by a vision of Fiona in a violent argument. Sunny knows trouble is brewing when Granny and Fiona start having squabbles all over town. But the fighting comes to a head when a local baker gets run over by a big white Cadillac—and Granny and Fiona are found at the crime scene.

Sunny knows she should step aside and let Mitch handle the investigating, but she’s not about to ignore her visions and leave her granny’s life in fate’s hands…

Chapter One
       “The cards predict a very long week ahead of us, Morty,” I said as I laid out my fortune-telling supplies on a table inside the gazebo in Mini Central Park.
My big, white, beautiful, arrogant cat scowled and gave me a look--as much as a feline can give a look--that said, Duh! Ya think? 
How did I let her talk me into this?” I asked.
Cat or no cat, his scowl deepened, and I swore I could see the brow he didn’t have arch sky-high.
“Fine. Not me, us,” I added, making a set of air quotes. “And don’t give me that look, mister. You can’t say no to her any more than I can.” 
I shook my head at the ridiculous traditional, turban-style fortune-teller hat she’d tied to his head because I’d refused to wear one. I was a real psychic and simply used fortune-telling tools to help interpret my visions. I didn’t care to add to the stigma already attached to my profession. 
As usual, Granny was clueless and made it clear she thought I was being silly. She thought Morty looked adorable and that his attire added to our authenticity. I didn’t have the energy to argue, so I’d let it go. At least it was an improvement over the god-awful bow ties she usually dressed him up in.
Morty rolled his jet black eyes, leapt onto the railing, and stretched out in the early morning sunshine. I could see he would be absolutely no help whatsoever.
Just peachy. 
 The small town of Divinity, located in upstate New York, kicked off the summer every year with its Summer Solstice Carnival. This year June twenty-first fell on a Friday, so the carnival would start today, continue all week with an auction to boot, and end on Sunday, June thirtieth, with the widely-popular bakeoff.
         My grandmother Gertrude was a member of Trixie’s Sewing Circle, and they were in charge of the carnival this year. Somehow, I’d let Granny Gert talk me into reading tarot cards under the gazebo. All for a good cause, mind you, she’d said, pointing out the money the carnival raised would help the local animal shelter. The carnival committee chose a different charity every year to help support through the carnival proceeds, and this one just happened to be near and dear to my heart.
        As cunning as my cat, Granny had pounced. You find such joy in Morty. Why not help others find an animal to love? If we don’t raise enough money to get Animal Angels going, they might have to shut down before they even get started. Just think of what might happen to those critters if they don’t get adopted, she’d said, knowing the word euthanize wasn’t in my vocabulary. So here I was...
Nine A.M. on a Friday morning, setting up shop in the park.

I hope you enjoy the book. Good luck in winning the giveaway, and don’t be afraid to drop me a line and or post a review. I love to hear what my readers think of my books. Thanks again for having me here.

A Little About Kari:

Kari Lee Townsend lives in central New York with her understanding husband, her three busy boys, and her oh-so-dramatic daughter :-) She is the National Bestselling Author, Agatha & RT Reviewer's Choice Award nominee for her Fortune Teller Mystery series. Kari also writes romance under the name Kari Lee Harmon. Small towns, mystical elements, quirky characters and a few chuckles along the way are what her books are all about. To find out more about Kari and all of her books, check out her websites at: www.karileetownsend.comwww.karileeharmon.com 

Buy Links for Trouble in the Tarot

Barnes & Noble

Don't forget to leave Kari a comment to be entered in her drawing and a comment to be entered in mine.

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Don't Pass This Up - Online Workshop - Self Publish

Join us beginning April 1, 2013 for a Workshop on Self Publishing sponsored by The Heart of Texas RWA chapter. Instructors are Kelli Finger and Amy Atwell.

For more details on the class and how to register, drop down to the last post.

Thanks and Happy Reading and Writing!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Online Workshop - Becoming a Self Publisher

**Permission to forward granted and encouraged.**
April 1st-15th.
Becoming a Self-Publisher sponsored by the Heart of Texas RWA
Course Details
Self-publishing provides an amazing opportunity for authors to take control of their own publishing career. It sounds easy—write a great book and, now, sell it directly to readers. But are you prepared to take on the role of a publisher? 
This two-week online class is designed to teach students about the business of self-publishing.  When an author chooses to self-publish a book, there are dozens of artistic and financial decisions to be made during the production and distribution process.  Understanding the publishing process and developing a budget and timeline are vital to building a successful, long-running business:
   self-employment models: sole proprietor, LLC, corporation
   protecting your privacy if you write under a pseudonym
   registering copyright
   obtaining ISBNs and when they're necessary
   distributing directly to retailers vs using aggregators or publishing services
   where to sell your book and how to set up publisher accounts
   building a basic timeline and budget
   is self-publishing really for you?
   For students to gain a clearer understanding of how to self-publish
   For students to take ownership of their publishing career path
   For students to gain perspective on the financial and artistic reasons to choose self-publishing
   For students to gain knowledge and tools to help them embark on self-publishing their work
   For students to discover trustworthy resources for further research
   Dates: April 1—15, 2013
   Taught by Kelli Finger and Amy Atwell of Author E.M.S.
   Cost:  $26  ($25.00 with a $1.00 fee to cover PayPal costs.)

Kelli Finger is published under her pseudonym Abbey MacInnis and has recently set up her sole-proprietorship publishing company.  A classically-trained vocalist with a Masters of Social Work, Kelli is a strong advocate for people with disabilities. She's worked for over six years as a Braille proofreader and is now studying grant writing. Having faced the challenges of developing her own self-publishing career, she's eager to help others save time and understand their many options.

Amy Atwell is the self-published author of Ambersley, which sold 36,000 copies in its first year and hit #1 in Historical Romance on both Kindle and Nook. Amy combines 10+ years of writing experience with perspective from her previous careers in production management, retail, and education to develop classes for Author E.M.S., an online resource library and service center for authors. She is an active member of RWA, MWA and HNS and founder of WritingGIAM, an online community for goal-oriented writers. 

Registration is now open. To register:  (Please note - a $1.00 charge is added to cover PayPal fees.)

1.    Go to this our website at http://hotrwa.tripod.com/index.html/ and click on online workshops. Below the course description click on the PayPal Button and follow the steps. Please include in the note section the email address and name you will be using in the class.

2.   If you have difficulty with either of the above, go to PayPal, sign in to your account, click send money and use this email address hotrwa@gmail.com/. The amount per PayPal is $26.00. Include in the note section the email address and name you will be using in the class.

3.   The deadline for registration is March 28, 2013.

I will set up the class loop called Becoming a Self-Publisher early in March and start sending out invitations to those who have paid.

We hope you’ll join us.