Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contest for A WAY BACK

In celebration of my January Champagne Books release, A WAY BACK, I'll be giving away this rhinestone airplane pin on January 31, 2011. In the story, the hero, Wellman Hathaway gives a diamond airplane pin to the heroine, Amber Mathis, as a memento to ride in a barn stormer. To enter, leave a comment here AND sign up to receive my monthly newsletter. If you're already signed up for my newsletter, send an email with AWAY BACK CONTEST in the subject line to

Here is a blurb for this time travel set in the 1930s oil fields of Texas.

In the 1930s oil fields of Texas, a woman from the future finds new purpose as she helps a banker rebuild his financial empire.

Amber Mathis, a Wall Street investment banker, returns to her office after burying her mother. Distraught, tired of the rat race, she's determined to make a career change. In the elevator she falls and rises to find herself in a vintage lift. The date is February 25, 1930, and a man stands on the window ledge in her office ready to jump.

Wellman Hathaway, owner and CEO of Hathaway Bank in New York struggles to pay his depositors half their losses. A woman claiming to be from 2011 appears in his office and involves him in a scheme that forces them into marriage. With Amber's knowledge of the financial history of the 1930s, they travel to the oil fields of Texas to recoup Wellman's funds.

Two people from different centuries are thrown together to survive a difficult time. Will they find more than A Way Back to prosperity?

I loved writing this story. Peeking back into past history is such fun--to me anyway. I hope you'll enter my contest.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ebook Winner for November 2010

Congratulations to Rosemary Gemmell. Rosemary, you're my ebook winner for November. You can wait until January for A Way Back or go to my website and select one of my other stories. Email me your choice at

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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Way Back - Upcoming Release from Champagne Books

Gee, it's been awhile since I've posted on my blog. I do have a good excuse, though. I had a bone fusion on my right thumb November 8th and the surgery slowed my writing considerbly. I have to hit the space bar with my pointer finger. Unfortunately, when I aim for the m or n, I often hit the space bar and have to back up. Hopefully the pins will come out on December 15th. and I won't have to wear the brace any longer.

Today I'd like to share the cover and a blurb for my novella time travel romance, A Way Back, coming out with Champagne Books in January. I'm thrilled with the cover. Trisha FitzGerald is the artist. Thank you, Trisha!

In the 1930s oil fields of Texas, a woman from the future finds new purpose as she helps a banker rebuild his financial empire.

Amber Mathis, a Wall Street investment banker, returns to her office after burying her mother. Distraught, tired of the rat race, she's determined to make a career change. In the elevator she falls and rises to find herself in a vintage lift. The date is February 25, 1930, and a man stands on the window ledge ready to jump.

Wellman Hathaway, owner and CEO of Hathaway Bank in New York struggles to pay his depositors half their losses. A woman claiming to be from 2010 appears in his office and involves him in a scheme that forces them into marriage. With Amber's knowledge of the financial history of the 1930s, they travel to the oil fields of Texas to recoup Wellman's funds.

Two people from different centuries are thrown together to survive a difficult time. Will they find more than A Way Back to prosperity?

A Way Back will be out in ebook format sometime in early January 2011. I hope you will buy a copy and enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.

Leave a comment today to be entered in my monthly ebook drawing. This is my only post this month so your chances of winning are great.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ebook Winner for October

My ebook winner for October is Jannine Gallant. Jannine, email which book you'd like to receive and I'll send it right over.

Thanks all for your comments. Keep them coming.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse MemorialOn

On our second day in Hill City, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we drove the the scenic Needles Highway in Custer State Park.. We couldn't have visited at a more perfect time. The foilage was beautiful.
The tunnel will accomodate one car at a time.

Construction began on Mount Rushmore in 1927 and was complete in October of 1941. The sculptures were indended to be carved from the waist up but the project ran out of money. The heads of the four presidents are sixty feet high.

Don't forget to take a jacket. I forgot mine but fortunately had a sweatshirt. At the viewing area the wind was cold. Allow at least a half a day to see everything at Mount Rushmore.

This picture of Washington's profile was taken after we left the Memorial on our way to the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Crazy Horse Memorial was commissionby by Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear. Construction began in 1948. All that is complete is the head which stands eighty-seven feet tall. If finished, the Crazy Horse Monument will be the world's largest sculpture. To help with size perspective, the tunnel shown in the rock is approximately eight stories high.
Allow a full day to tour Crazy Horse Memorial and see the museum and many exhibits.  Be sure to see the historical documentary. A bus will take you down to where the blasting takes place an bring you back.

The Black Hills are beautiful. It's easy to close your eyes and imagine going back in time to the days before roads and modern structures dotted the land. I can see hundreds of buffalo grazing on the grasslands and Lakota warriors riding to the hunt.

How about you?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading and Writing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Linda and Sam Brown - Operating a B&B

I know, I'm supposed to have Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial today but since we visited Mountains to Prairies B&B I thought you'd like to meet Linda and Sam Brown, owners of the B&B, before I move on.

I asked Linda what it's like to run a B&B. Linda is also a writer and you'll love the way she describes their adventure.

What is it like to run a B&B? Without giving it a great deal of thought, I might say that it is much like dancing. Sam and I are partners in this ongoing dance, and when the harmonious music is heard by both of us, the dance is heavenly! However, occasionally one of us may step on the other's toes, or someone may bump into us...and so we take the necessary time - and steps - to readjust to the rhythm. Periodically, the music changes to a different tempo, which can be a bit jarring even when expected, and so again we readjust. More happiness, excitement, variety and adventure are added to the dance when younger dance students (granddaughters) join us. And so it goes—The broad and colorful spectrum of music moving us 'this way and that way' creates a fluid niche in time devoid of boredom. The dance hall fills up seasonally with visiting dancers, who add to the meaning and purpose of our dance, and who generally orchestrate the movements. In short...running a B&B is more like dancing than running.

Linda's Recipe for Wild Raspberry Jam

In summer of 2004, before life became quite so busy, Smiling Bear (a.k.a. Linda Brown, Innkeeper) submitted a fresh specimen of his Wild Raspberry Jam at the Central States Fair in Rapid City to be judged with other preserved goods. Much to his surprise, the humble jar of woodsy jam won a blue ribbon, and Best of Class . . . and, could this be? Best of Show! Smiling Bear had already jotted down the recipe, so he decided to take it to the fair and display it with the jam. Here it is...

Wild Raspberry Jam in 15 Easy Steps

1) First, you must show the raspberries where you are.
In fairy tales, they will smile and eagerly jump into your bucket.
By the way, you are in the woods somewhere.
2) Over your shoulder and on your knees:
a) Glance over your shoulder frequently while picking.
b) Pray you will not be pounced upon by a mountain lion.
3) While on your knees, lift branches and pick the big ones.
4) The big berries, not the big spiders.
5) And do not pick the bees either. Run from territorial bees. Come back later.
Two weeks later, or whenever the horsemint is gone.
6) While you are waiting, pick over yonder . . . but listen for rattlesnakes.
7) Keep the stinging nettle from your face.
Brush it away with a free hand.
On second thought, just step on it.
And on the thistles, too.
It is ok . . . Your shoes are tough . . . They have tripped you, right?
8) It is also ok, while confined to the bushes, to let your mind wander
and think grandiose things . . . Just do not hold your breath.
You need your breath for the next step.
9) Do deep knee bends for at least 1-3/4 hours for each batch of jam.
10) While on your knees again, thank God for no berry-munching bears out there.
(. . . with one exception, of course, yours truly.)
11) While on your feet, if something bites your ankle and you jump,
you did the right thing. You took your big foot off the house of those poor ants.
12) Pick like there is no tomorrow, because it might hail and take the crop.
Or worse, someone else might get them!
13) Pick some more, like crazy, because crazy is feeling familiar now,
and it is easy to do familiar things.
After three weeks of picking, though, you might get delirious and have thoughts.
. . . Like, What am I doing, I can get bigger ones at the store, already frozen!
Next, when another berry falls and misses your bucket cuz this is no fairy tale,
you will begin thinking of who you can call to come and get some of these berries.
In fact, you will probably be thinking out loud by then.
14) At that point, it is time to gel. So, gel out and enjoy the pleasant breeze.
Refocus on the perfectly scented scenery.
Watch the deer, the turkeys, birds and squirrels.
15) If the squirrel scolds you . . . move your berry bowl from under his tree.
And when the elk coughs . . .
That is it . . . the tongue-in-cheek recipe for Best of Show Wild Raspberry Jam.

The rest is history. For Smiling Bear, there is no place on earth closer to God than in a wild raspberry patch.

Thank you for sharing with us today. Readers, I hope you'll leave a comment for Linda and let us know if you use her recipe.
Thanks for Reading and Writing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mountains to Prairies B&B, Hill City, South Dakota

In Hill City, South Dakota, our home away from home was the Mountains to Prairies B&B. We spent three nights there enjoying the accommodations, our hosts and their other guests. Located a block from town, walking to restaurants, shopping, and activities like the 1880s train is easy.

Below are our hosts Linda and Sam Brown. Linda cooked delicious breakfast, a different dish every day with homemade breads, breakfast casseroles, pancakes, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee or tea. Sam served us while sharing sight seeing information about the area.

After breakfast we sat around with the other guests and visited. Linda and Sam joined us. We had such a fun relaxing time we were late leaving every morning.

We met wonderful folks from Massachusetts. From left to right, my husband Larry, Sam (host), Peter and Patricia (newlyweds on their honeymoon), Linda (host), Marie, and Nancy. As you can see, the dining room is filled with antiques as was each of our rooms. Larry and I stayed in the Prairie Homestead room.

Linda will be guest blogging one day soon and sharing her prize winning currant jam recipe with us. She and Sam scour the countryside for berries for her jams and jellies.

I hope you'll join us when she visits.

Larry and I've been to a number of B&Bs. We love the ones where we meet interesting people. What about you? Do you enjoy staying at B&Bs?

My next post will be on Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and Deadwood.

Thanks for Reading and Writing!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day two of South Dakota - Badlands and Hill City Wineries

Friday morning we drove through the Badlands National Park. The landscape changes from grassland to sharply eroded spires and buttes rich with fossils of a variety of extinct animals. It's easy to see how the area got it's name.
It's easy to see how the area got it's name. In our early history, if a person got lost, they'd never find their way out of the rough territory. Today with air search, heat seeking sensors and cell phones rescue would be easier.

While driving through we saw Prairie Dog Town and some buffalo. We found out later that if we'd continued on the dirt road we'd have seen a herd of buffalo and not just the five we took pictures of. The prairie dog I photographed let me get close. It was so curious, it scurried toward me, then changed it's mind. In another area of Prairie Dog Town, we saw a badger digging in after a meal. Dirt flew everywhere. Strangest thing--a coyote stood ten feet away watching the action. After a while it  moved a little farther away and lay down to wait. Unfortunately, my pictures didn't come out where we could identify anything.

From the Badlands we drove to Hill City where we toured two wineries--Stone Faces Winery, Valiant Vineyards second winery and Prairie Berry Winery. Both had free wine tastings with delicious offerings, and we came home with five bottles. 

My next post will be about Mountain to Prairies B&B where we stayed in Hill City. Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment. I enjoy reading your comments.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 1 in South Dakota - Wall Drug in Wall, SD

In 1931, a young pharmacist, Ted Hustead, and his wife, Dorothy, purchased a drug store in Wall, South Dakota. They gave themselves five years to build their business into a success. By 1936, the pharmacy wasn't the success Ted desired. Though he filled a few prescriptions, he spent much of his time swatting flies and looking out the door at the shade-less street.

One hot day in July Dorothy tried to nap with her two children but the loud jalopies on Route 16A kept her awake. An idea on how to bring people into the store popped into her head. All those people driving across the prairie were thirsty. They'd put up signs along the road advertising free ice water. On the day Ted put the signs out, people were already arriving before he returned to the store.

While getting their free ice water, some customers bought ice cream cones, sodas, and other items. From that day on, Wall Drug had plenty of customers each day. The following summer it was necessary to hire eight girls to help out. Now the drug store draws up to 20,000 customers on a good summer day.

My husband and I ate lunch in the cafe attached to the drug store. Larry had their buffalo burger which he said was delicious. I wasn't brave enough and opted for a regular hamburger. After lunch we browsed the many gift shops. That evening we came back for pie with homemade ice cream and a cup of their 5 cent coffee.

Thanks to JL Wilson for telling me about Wall Drug. Otherwise, we'd have missed it. If you're ever in the area, it's worth your time to stop.

My next post will be will be about Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Thanks for reading and writing!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

September's Winner of my Ebook Drawing

Congratulations to Angelica and Zi for being the winner of my monthly ebook drawing.  Take a look at my website, guys and let me know which is your choice. I'll send it right over.

Thanks and Happy Reading and Writing!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

A 4 1/2 Shoe Review for My Heart Will Find Yours

I'm pleased to share this review My Heart Will Find Yours from Final Cut Editing.

My Heart Will Find Yours by Linda LaRogue

A carefree, fun-loving, young lady named Texana Keith befriends a special lady named Pearl , aka Pearlina Dyson. These 2 ladies hold a very special bond; one Pearl is acutely aware of; one Texana will soon discover and appreciate.

Pearl is an elderly widow holding an unbelievable secret to her life. Understanding that the time has come; the time to make a unique, almost outlandish, request of her beloved Texana. A request she has been preparing for, for a long time.

Pearl sits Texana down, providing memorabilia and trinkets to accompany the story of her existence in this century. Once finished with her tale, she asks a special favor of Texana. All Texana must do is take a few items Pearl provides her and get on a train, the rest will happen on its own.

Texanna, thinking her elderly friend has completely lost her mind, finally agrees to this ludicrous trip to pacify her fragile friend. All the while thinking she could make a shopping trip out of the whole thing. Never could Texana fathom what would happen next. Her life would never be the same. Waking up half naked, in Waco Texas , in 1876 was almost more than she could handle, until she realized this was only the beginning...


This time travel romance is a mind blowing journey jam-packed with action, adventure, and every emotion within. The witty, independent Texana makes you laugh and cry while the delicious Royce Dyson has you falling in love with him without even trying; a genuine, sexy, gentlemen that one finds only in the old movies.

My Heart Will Find Yours is an emotional and heavenly train ride you don't want to miss boarding.

LaRoque works her magic, never ceasing to amaze with her glorious stories and exceptional writing skills. She makes her readers "believe." Her attention to detail, well crafted descriptions, and obvious research makes this, as well as every other, story of hers comes to life on the pages. I just couldn't put this story down.

I've been a fan of Linda LaRoque from the first book of hers I ever read and will continue to be for a very long time. Please see my other reviews of this truly talented author and check out the rest of her books. She never disappoints!

4.5 Shoes

You can purchase a copy at the link below.
or at

Thanks for Reading and Writing!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Ebook winner for August

I seem to get later every month. Hopefully with winter my life will slow down and I'll stay on schedule. My ebook winner for August is Maeve. Congratulations Maeve. Go to my website and pick the book you'd like to receive a copy of. Email me at and I'll get it right to you.

Happy Reading and Writing everyone!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend 2011

What could possibly be more fun than reading a great book this summer (well, maybe not more fun, but a totally different kind of fun)?

Celebrating 2011 with national bestselling author, Lisa Wingate, in beautiful, historic, antique-filled Jefferson, Texas for the fun-filled reader event of the year, the Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend 2011 book extravaganza! If you've never been to the Pulpwood Queens annual tiara-wearing, book sharing event, or even if you have, you'd be in for a treat! Head Pulpwood Queen Kathy Patrick hosts a weekend filled with books, authors, beautiful bed and breakfast hotels, antiques, a costume ball, and more fun with books than you can imagine. Kathy has over 50 authors on the slate, including Lisa Wingate. This year, the Keynote speakers are Fannie Flagg, Rick Bragg, and Pat Conroy!

The best thing about this girlfriend getaway is that the winner and companion can do as much or as little as they like. Girlfriend Weekend offers two days of amazing events, and the town of Jefferson features everything from museums and antique shopping, to quilts, history tours, and carriage rides!

The prize package does not include travel. The winner be responsible for travel for herself/himself and guest (that's right, this package is for TWO). If you're the lucky winner, you'll get:

***TWO fully-paid admission armbands for Girlfriend Weekend 2011 (one for you and one for your best girlfriend, or your favorite Timber Guy). This includes admission to Saturday night's big-hair extravaganza, the "Great Big Ball of Hair" where you can come as you are, or arrive dressed as your favorite book character and compete in the costume contest. Who knows? You might become "Miss Hairball Queen 2011!"

***TWO nights in a room fit for a queen, amid the opulence and grace of the 1920s at the beautiful Delta Street Inn bed and breakfast in historic Jefferson, Texas. (double occupancy)

***Your very own "Insta-Queen Kit" featuring a gorgeous tiara and a smaller porta-tiara for more casual occasions (or one to keep and one to share with your best girlfriend), free autographed Lisa Wingate books, your scepter, a copy of Kathy Patrick's Tiara Wearing Book Sharing Guide to Life, your very own Pulpwood Queens T-shirt, and everything else you need to crown yourself and read like a Pulpwood Queen!

More details and entry form are available at This is a great opportunity for readers or writers, so don't forget to spread the word to your book clubs, co-workers, family members, and girlfriends -- after all, if one of your friends wins, you can come along as the guest!

I'm getting my entry form in soon. East Texas is beautiful and I love antiquing. Now, my hair is too short for it to be BIG. I'd have to find a wig.

Happy Reading and Writing!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog

Is it really worthwhile? Many of us have asked ourselves this question. And depending on the person, answers will vary. Some feel it involves too much time and effort that could be better spend on their next story. Others feel a blog keeps them connected with their readers, authors, and others out there in cyberspace.

I've often wondered--of what benefit to me is it to have fellow authors read my blog. The answer is simple. Authors are readers too. They have readers on their blogs that may drop by yours on occasion. Also, those writer friends may ask you to guest on their site and vise versa which may bring you new readers.

When I started my blog, Linda LaRoque's Musings, it was difficult deciding what to blog about. Interestingly enough, I get more hits on recipes, vacations, posts about my dog (this week I told about her run-in with a copperhead snake), and short stories I've written. Readers also like to hear about new releases and promotional events. An occasional post with writing tips can also be a big hit.

Blogging doesn't have to be hard. Your posts don't have to be long or on a schedule. Write about what interests you which in turn proves to your readers you're an interesting individual. Respond to your reader's comments. They may never check back, but then again, they might.

Offer an incentive for them to keep coming back. I give away an ebook every month.

I've just started putting out a monthly newletter. Will it take the place of my blog? I don't think so. Though the newsletter will have some of what I've blogged about, it serves a different purpose. Many would rather read something once a month that comes directly to their mailbox rather than go to your site each time you blog.

Remember, each time you blog, each time you comment on a blog, google makes note and that's a hit for you. Google your name and see how many times your name comes up? Is it 10, 100, 1000, 10,000? The higher the number, the better you're doing on getting your name out there.

What are your thoughts about blogging?

Happy Reading and Writing folks!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Our dog Molly and a Copperhead

Our little dog Molly thinks she's Queen of the block. Anything or anyone who ventures close to our fence line, the hackles rise on her back and the intruder is blasted with her ferocious bark. I doubt she'd hurt anyone though, as the man that reads the electric meter comes right in and she lopes along beside him as he comes and goes.

My husband has a wood shop in the back yard. Molly loves to hunt and has been known to go under the shed after a mouse. And has caught one or two. Ugh! On August 5th our son came over and cut down alot of vines that clung to the fence. We usually let them stay on the ground as it's muddy back there and Molly tracks it in the house. We hoped the cuttings would form a carpet over the mud. On the 6th my husband heard Molly yelp and saw her run from behind the shop and lay down on the grass. He didn't think anything of it.

An hour later I called her in. She wasn't her usual chipper self, and her face looked like a chipmonks. I thought she had her mouth full of something. When I realized she was swollen, we loaded her in the car and drove to the Vet. She showed us where the fang marks were on her nose and believed it was a copperhead as a rattler wouldn't have made Molly much sicker. Several dogs have died this summer due to rattler bites. She gave Molly two shots and kept her all afternoon to make sure she didn't get worse. We came home with two bottles of pills.

There is a rattlesnack anti-venom your animal can be given, something we may consider even though we don't live in a brushy area. We live on a corner in a small housing development but there is a big field across the road. I think we will have to clean that brush out and make sure the copperheads don't have a place to hide.

Here are a few pictures of Molly taken at the Vet's Office.

Leave me a comment with your pet stories.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ebook Winner for July

Linda Kage is the winner of an ebook of her choice for July. Let me know which one you want, Linda and I'll send it right over.

Thanks for all who left a comment last month. This contest repeats every month.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Win a Nook - The Long and Short Of It 3rd Anniversary Party

The Long and the Short of It is celebrating its third anniversary in style -- by giving away THREE Nook eBook Readers that come with $50 gift certificates AND are already pre-loaded with dozens of romance and juvenile fiction eBooks.

We're having a scavenger hunt that runs from August 2 - August 29 and culminates in a two day chat that final weekend in our Yahoo groups, during which we'll be announcing the winners. More details to come -- check back soon!

Earn an extra entry AND participate in a fun two-day chat! Join the groups below:
Whipped Cream Reviews Yahoo Group (erotic romance)

Long and Short Reviews Yahoo Group (non-erotic romance)

Aurora Reviews Yahoo Group (young adult and middle grade fiction)

For full details, go to
Check back daily for updates.
I've donated a copy of Investment of the Heart that will be loaded on to one of the Nooks. I hope you'll join me on August 29, 2010 on Long and Short Reviews Yahoo Group (non-erotic romance) at 12:00 (noon) Eastern Standard Time. I hope to see you there.

Monday, July 26, 2010

When the Words Won't Come

I'm sure we've all experience writer's block, that time when the words won't come and we sit at the computer fiddling with the keys or tapping a pencil on a note pad. This issue has been a real problem for me lately. Looking back to the times I was most prolific, I realize a change of scenery was the key to spuring my muse. Now I carry a notepad and when I have to wait at the doctor's office, or anywhere else, I write. When I get home, I transfer my notes to my manuscript.

While on vacation, sitting in the back seat of the car, watching the scenery from the windows, I rapidly filled the pages of my tablet. I think the next time the words won't come, I'll have my husband take me for a drive. He can groove on the scenery and I can write.

What about you? What spurs your muse?

Thanks for reading and writing!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Signing in Bastrop

Fleeta Cunningham, my fellow cruise friend and The Wild Rose Press author invited me to join several local authors for the Bastrop Public Library's book signing. When I looked on the looked on the library's website it listed the event as Author Buffet. I wondered if they were serving a meal so call the library to ask. Their answer was, "No, you authors are the buffet."

Here we all are. From left to right - Diana Castilleja, Fleeta Cunningham, Tiffany Green and her father and fellow author James Schubert, Linda LaRoque, and Deidra Holly.

Each author was given the opportunity to speak. You know how we authors like to talk about our books and writing.

Thank you to the Friends of the Library at Bastrop Public Library for putting this event together.

Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered in my monthly ebook drawing.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Ebook Winner for June 2010

Rhobin is my ebook winner for June 2010. Congratulations, Rhobin. Take a look at my releases on my website and using the email there, let me know which book you'd like to receive. I'll send it right over.

Thanks to all of you who left a comment. Keep them coming. Each comment puts your name in the drawing.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flames on the Sky voted Most Artistic Trailer for June

I'm pleased to announce my book trailer for Flames on the Sky received The NEW Covey Trailer Awards most artistic trailer for the month of June 2010. Please click on the link above and take a look at my trailer or go to the videos page on my website at I'd love to hear what you think.

Happy Reading and Writing!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Homemade Peach Ice cream

Who could resist this advertisement? Not me!  

My cousins and I discovered Clifton Orchard's peach stand about ten miles out of Canton, Texas, on our way home from Virginia a couple of weeks ago. Never one to pass up homemade icecream we stopped for a cup. Yummy!

My husband and I stopped again today on our way home from our tour of the east end of Route 66. We had a wonderful time and I'll blog about our trip later in the week.

Look at these beautiful peaches. In the picture above you can see the orchard in the background and below the large ice cream freezers. They have four freezers and an electric pulley type device is used to turn the crank. Thank goodness. I can't imagine having to turn them by hand.

If you're in the area during peach season, stop at Clifton's Orchard, State Hwy 19, Fruitvale, Texas. You won't be disappointed.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

4 eggs well beaten
1 C sugar
1 T flour
1/4 t. salt
2 C milk
1/2 pt. whipping cream

Mix eggs, sugar, and flour. Add milk and cook over moderate heat until thickened slightly, stirring constantly. Remove from head and add last 4 ingredients. Add peaches or other fruit if desired. Pour into a 1 gallon freezer and add milk until it is 3/4 full. Freeze.

Thanks for stopping by today. Leave a comment and tell us your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Happy Reading and Writing!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gizzard Cove, Tennessee - Finding our Roots!

Some of my cousins and I have always wanted to discover our roots by visiting our grandmother's birthplace in Gizzard Cove, Tennessee also called The Gizzard. Martha Comfort Pyburn Riley was born in the late 1880s. In this picture she's 18 years old. Her mother died when Martha was 16. Not long after her father remarried. His new wife forced Martha and her brothers to move out of the family home. She moved to Texas to live with relatives where she met and married John Riley.

We knew the log cabin where she'd been born was still standing and occupied by another family. Fortunately, we'd contacted cousins in the area, whom we'd never met, and they showed us around. The house is now stuccoed.

Our great-grandmother was a Anderson so we visited the Anderson Cemetery to look for her grave. It was overgrown and we got into bull nettle and were miserable for a few hours. We also had to watch for rattlesnakes.

I'm so glad we made the trip and can share our experience with other family members. How about you? Have you searched out your roots? Leave a comment and share your experiences with us.

Thanks for Reading and Writing!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ebook Winner for May

Congratulations to LuAnn. She is the ebook winner for May. LuAnn, take a look at my website and choose the ebook you'd like. Email me and I'll send it on.

Thanks to all who left comments.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Truth or Lies - The Winner

The winner and only person to get #3 as my lie is Ron Berry. Congratulations, Ron. I have your email address and will send your Amazon gift certificate on Wednesday. My husband and I met my last year of college and have been together now for 42 years.

In the picture to the left you can see part of my chartreuse Russell Wright collection. I also have a lime green laptop, mouse, and netbook. It's hard to tell from this picture but the sofa also has greens. It's interesting that so many of you picked #6 as the lie. It must have been the pink shirt I'm wearing in my picture.

Thanks to all of you who participated. You will be entered in my monthly ebook drawing to be held tonight. I won't be able to announce the winner until Wednesday.

Happy Reading and Writing!