Monday, March 4, 2013

Online Workshop - Becoming a Self Publisher

**Permission to forward granted and encouraged.**
April 1st-15th.
Becoming a Self-Publisher sponsored by the Heart of Texas RWA
Course Details
Self-publishing provides an amazing opportunity for authors to take control of their own publishing career. It sounds easy—write a great book and, now, sell it directly to readers. But are you prepared to take on the role of a publisher? 
This two-week online class is designed to teach students about the business of self-publishing.  When an author chooses to self-publish a book, there are dozens of artistic and financial decisions to be made during the production and distribution process.  Understanding the publishing process and developing a budget and timeline are vital to building a successful, long-running business:
   self-employment models: sole proprietor, LLC, corporation
   protecting your privacy if you write under a pseudonym
   registering copyright
   obtaining ISBNs and when they're necessary
   distributing directly to retailers vs using aggregators or publishing services
   where to sell your book and how to set up publisher accounts
   building a basic timeline and budget
   is self-publishing really for you?
   For students to gain a clearer understanding of how to self-publish
   For students to take ownership of their publishing career path
   For students to gain perspective on the financial and artistic reasons to choose self-publishing
   For students to gain knowledge and tools to help them embark on self-publishing their work
   For students to discover trustworthy resources for further research
   Dates: April 1—15, 2013
   Taught by Kelli Finger and Amy Atwell of Author E.M.S.
   Cost:  $26  ($25.00 with a $1.00 fee to cover PayPal costs.)

Kelli Finger is published under her pseudonym Abbey MacInnis and has recently set up her sole-proprietorship publishing company.  A classically-trained vocalist with a Masters of Social Work, Kelli is a strong advocate for people with disabilities. She's worked for over six years as a Braille proofreader and is now studying grant writing. Having faced the challenges of developing her own self-publishing career, she's eager to help others save time and understand their many options.

Amy Atwell is the self-published author of Ambersley, which sold 36,000 copies in its first year and hit #1 in Historical Romance on both Kindle and Nook. Amy combines 10+ years of writing experience with perspective from her previous careers in production management, retail, and education to develop classes for Author E.M.S., an online resource library and service center for authors. She is an active member of RWA, MWA and HNS and founder of WritingGIAM, an online community for goal-oriented writers. 

Registration is now open. To register:  (Please note - a $1.00 charge is added to cover PayPal fees.)

1.    Go to this our website at and click on online workshops. Below the course description click on the PayPal Button and follow the steps. Please include in the note section the email address and name you will be using in the class.

2.   If you have difficulty with either of the above, go to PayPal, sign in to your account, click send money and use this email address The amount per PayPal is $26.00. Include in the note section the email address and name you will be using in the class.

3.   The deadline for registration is March 28, 2013.

I will set up the class loop called Becoming a Self-Publisher early in March and start sending out invitations to those who have paid.

We hope you’ll join us.


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