Friday, May 25, 2007

Visit TJ Killian's new Reader's Group - Contest

Contest in TJ's Reader's Group - Heads up

These begin on June 1st, so gather your friends around, and lets
have some fun in my Reading Group.

I think everyone loves a good villain. They make us shiver. They
make us hate them. Keeping with that line of discussion :

June's theme is - No One Mourns the Wicked.

So here you go.

1. You tell me and the group about your favorite villain.
2. What makes them the one you love to hate?
3. The book it came from, and the author.

If you can't remember the last two, don't sweat it - it's just nice
to have in case someone wants to read the story.

Prize - for this month is a Celtic Good Luck Knot Charm - so you'll
have the luck of the Irish on your side if you ever meet up with a
true villain.

The Winner is picked randomly from all submissions received.

Basic Rules & Guidelines

1. You have to be a member of TJ's Reading Group.
2. The contest runs from Friday when the contest is posted to the
following Friday at 12:00 AM EST.
3. In the Subject Line put - FFF CONTEST (this is very important).
4. If you are Moderated, don't panic, I'll get to it before the
contest ends.
5. Try to combine your responses to multiple postings into one e-
mail, so nothing gets lost. e.g. - Great ones - Miss X, Miss Y, Miss
6. If you don't agree, don't say anything. This is a friendly
community and I would like to keep it that way.

Any Questions, just shout out to amuzinglee@...


TJ, I'm having to think hard about a villian. Guess I'll review some of my favorite books and see which one has the meanest dude. Sounds like loads of fun. Good luck!


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