Thursday, May 17, 2007

Whew! What a week!

You know how some weeks you don't receive any positive feedback on your work and others you get several warm fuzzies in a row? That's how my week has been. On Monday morning, my critique partner and mentor said my reworked chapter was much better. Then, that afternoon I received a call from an editor with Atriad Press with the news they liked my haunted house short story and want to add it to the collection of stories they are compiling.

So, this morning imagine my delight when I received news via email that The Romance Studio had finished reviewing my book. It received 4 1/2 Hearts!!! As if that wasn't enough, I learned that two of the stores in west Texas I'd left books with want me to send copies for them to sell.

My cup is overflowing.

Here is a copy of the review.

When the Ocotillo Bloom Linda LaRoqueContemporary romanceAvailable from Wings ePressISBN: 978-1-59705-235-3January 2007
Lynn Devry was a divorced, middle-aged, overweight teacher who had just taken a job at a spa ranch where she would be employed 6 hours a day baking bread; the other hours were hers to do as she pleased. Or so she thought! Her daughter and friend, Dr. Art had helped her secure this position. What she did not know was that she was signed (as in contracted) to work at Ocotillo Ranch, a summer camp for troubled kids. Seth Williams, an adolescent psychologist, was fulfilling his life-long dream of running this camp for neglected children. His wife, Barbara, had divorced him seven years ago because she did not like the outback, rural area.
To say Lynn was livid when she found out what kind of a camp she was at would be an understatement! She was furious that, not only did she have to live and work with these kids, ages 7 to teen, but she was required to get into shape, starting with water aerobics daily, including 10 laps after each day’s workout. She could hardly walk to the pool house, let alone swim! She refused to stay any longer than it took for Seth to find a replacement which he did not pursue for a long while.
Linda LaRoque has done an exceptional job with this story! She shows how two people who start out at such diabolical ends of the spectrum can actually belong together. They each had thoughts on how to conduct themselves and Ms. LaRoque allowed their personalities to merge into a relationship which worked exceedingly well. The supporting characters were many and varied; each played a wonderful part in the overall plot of this book. The interactions with the many children helped mold many actions they found impossible to resist.
I found that this unique story was so interesting that I read it straight through. I absolutely could not stop reading until the very end and then wanted to see it continue. I loved this book and recommend it highly!
Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Brenda TalleyMay 17, 2007
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