Friday, December 7, 2007

Route 66, Chaco Canyon, & Zuni Mountain Lodge

If you've never made the trip to Chaco Canyon, it's worth the 20 mile drive over rough dirt roads. I love history and it's amazing to see the ruins of a culture that was here more than 1000 years ago. They definitely left part of their spirit behind to share with us.
To the left you'll see petroglyphs behind the ruins of Una Vida, the pueblo closest to the Visitor's Center and the setting for my latest time travel.

In the picture below is Una Vida from the cliff above. It was much bigger than what we can see here, but it's not near the largest of the pueblos at Chaco Canyon.

In the above picture is Zuni Mountain Lodge, our home away from home while touring the canyon. It is located south of Thoreau (pronounced Threw). Breakfast and dinner are part of this inn's accommodations. The food was delicious, the atmosphere homey and comfortable. Thanks Bob for a wonderful stay.
As a writer, this area spurred my imagination. I've got several stories in mind. Now to find the time to write them.

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