Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Call Home

My mother-in-law moved into our home on December 31, 2007. She'd been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I'm retired so it only made sense she move in with us. We just couldn't stand the thought of her going to a nursing home. It was a lot of adjustments but we survived and was an opportunity for us to share in ways we'd never had time to before.

Anyway, whenever I needed to do something, I had to make arrangements for someone to come sit with her. She insisted she was fine alone, and maybe for an hour would be, but not any longer than that. I had an early Dr.'s appointment and the house cleaning service was scheduled to come the following day. My husband would go into work late so we wouldn't have to find someone to come in.

The day was a difficult one as our mother's condition had quickly worsened throughout the week. As the day wore on, I worried about the rush and confusion I'd face early the next morning. Finally I decided to call and cancel my appointment. I'd be here when the cleaners came. I felt much better.

That night, in the early a.m. of the next day, our loved one slipped from this life into another. The Lord called her home. It's odd how I'd felt this intense pressure about leaving home that morning and wonder if it was God's way of helping me out, clearing a path for what was important. I like to think so.


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