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A Review for Forever Faithful

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Fantastic, Stays on Shelf.

Title: Forever Faithful
Author: Linda LaRoque
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Page extent: 224 pages
Publisher: Champagne Books
ISBN 978-1-897445-32-7
Heat rating: Sensual

Love is like a flame, some days it burns bright and others it dwindles. Faith is the forge upon which love is strengthened to steel.

Lucas and Gail Johnson live the idyllic life on their ranch near the small town of Stony Creek, Texas. The one thing they want but don’t have is a child created from their love. Will an unidentified body pulled from nearby Possum Creek and a single night of indiscretion shatter their dreams of happily ever after?

Perfect, just about sums up my feelings for this book. As the title indicates this book deals with the very delicate and deeply significant issue of marital fidelity, but it was so much more. Linda LaRoque has given the perfect snapshot of married life, “for better and for worse” and Lucas and Gail learn to appreciate the vow “to forsake all others...till death do [them] part” in small-town Texas. Ms. LaRoque manages to interweave the subplot of a murder mystery beautifully into the main love story.

What I loved best about this book is its portrayal of all facets of love, love of courtship, young love, married love, unconditional love, obsessive love, and above all the love between a parent and child. Ms. LaRoque beautifully brings out how sometimes the flame of love dwindles but how faith can forge it into steel. The dash of the supernatural and the mystery both add to the enjoyment of the plot.

If I have one quibble, it’s that even in fiction it is the woman who is portrayed as being more flexible and willing to forgive, despite the warped circumstances but considering the fact that fiction reflects reality I must accept that aspect of the plot. But overall Lucas is quite a hero and Gail’s dad Sam Steele is also a great supporting character. But I guess there needs to be give and take to get to happily ever after. And FOREVER FAITHFUL sure ends that way. I whole-heartedly recommend this book. It has all the aspects of a great love story and is great entertainment.

Reviewed by Raakhee Suryaprakash
WRDF Review
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