Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two Reviews from Night Owl Romance!

I'm thrilled to receive these two reviews from Night Owl Romance Reviews. I love these two stories but it's so nice to have my opinion validated. Thank you Night Owl Romance!

My Heart Will Find Yours

"The appealing characters and deft use of honest emotions will draw readers into this captivating page-turner. The reader will be drawn to the love Royce had for Pearl and now, understandably, with Texanna. Although the story line is unusual, it still comes across as believable. This is a must read for any western romance lover. "

Reviewer Gail gave My Heart Will Find Yours a 4.5 rating.

You can read the entire review by clicking on the link below.

Investment of the Heart

"Author Linda LaRoque has written a thoroughly enjoyable western romance. She obviously cares for her characters as she has developed them into people with strong, realistic feelings and opinions...The story flows smoothly and moves quickly to a surprising but inevitable conclusion leaving the reader to wonder how these characters fare in the future. That, to me, is a sign of a good author."

Gail gave Investment of the Heart a 4 our of 5 rating.

You can read the entire review by clicking the linking below.

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Linda LaRoque ~Western Romance with a Twist in Time~ A Law of Her Own, Desires of the Heart, My Heart Will Find Yours, Flames on the Sky10-9, The Wild Rose Press; Forever Faithful, Investment of the Heart, When the Ocotillo Bloom 7-9, Champagne Books.

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