Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guests Angelica Hart and Zi on Writer's Block

Please welcome Angelica Hart and Zi, a writing team with loads of wit and wisdom. I look forward to their upcoming release Killer Dolls available in September from Champagne Books.
Thank you for joining us today, Angelica and Zi.

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Writer's block. We define that as time set aside to write. A definition quite different than most. We think our optimistic approach works.

We have been interested in writers' points of view for what seems to be forever. We both have learned that the common denominator that writers share about writing is, one must write and write as often as they can, for though practice we grow.

Viola! We write almost every day. Why? The afore statement suggests we have been spirited by the thoughts of those writers who have come before us. Not quite the complete truth. First off, we find writing fun. We both try to wordsmith in such a way we can tease another's imagination. If we succeed, we feel proud. Secondly, we write because we love the purposeful nature and utter magic the use of this medium can provide. Thirdly, we write to grow for we are both humble in the simple fact that we are learning engines everyday trudging down the tracks of authorship.

Without question, we want to improve. Yes, we have things we love to share. Of course, we have stories within us that need telling. But the thoughts and stories require we honor them with the best we can write. So, we write. We write. We re-write. And then write again.

Our most recent manuscript is virtually completed. We've included the follow excerpt.


“I like her, too,” said Longar, taking in the eclectic look of her. He pulled out his perusing yard stick to measure her against known iconic female traits. Men's frame of reference for the most part would be that which they liked and appreciated. Her personality was genuine, and made anyone feel comfortable with her honesty. She was far from genteel being more a free-spirit. Recently Rich had been dating women who many of his friends would have referred to as hoity-toity or highfalutin. She was earthy and he liked that. Her forthrightness disarming. Her lips bespoke pleasure not from their utterance but from the possibility of their touch. The swish of her derriere was a feast for his eyes and a treat for a famished imagination. Its sway and shake, fetching. He recalled the mystery in the mirror of her eyes perceiving a misery set deep behind their beauty though their lash, brow and color bemused perfection. Her smile easily dismantled any resistance yet was smoldering. Her breasts spoke of shenanigans, the kind that lustful adolescent talked with friends about under the bridge. Oh yes, he did like her. She pulled the ripcord labeled something special and his parachute of what ifs opened and he floated beneath it, wondering.


The character Rich Longar is a fire investigator and is trying to solve what appears to be terroristic arson. His investigation is complicated by Lauren Pike an eclectic woman who has smitten him. Of course... of course... they have trials and tribulations and complex situations but don't you just love that feel of the soul when you sense another touches that place inside of you that says you're attracted to them. If we communicated that in our writing we have done our job.

Thank you for letting us write for you.

Angelica Hart and Zi
Killer Dolls ~ September 2009
Snake Dance ~ February 2010
Champagne Books


  1. Great excerpt.....I think you did that one especially for me. That one doesn't make me want to hide in bed under the covers. I might be able to come out for a page or two?

    You know that I still have to read, even if it's under the covers, with a flashlight and then holding my dear bf hand the entire time, RIGHT?


  2. I love your use of similes and imagery in the text from your excerpt! Great job - sounds like a book that is going to be added to my ever-growing TBR list.

  3. Lovely excerpt!

    Wishing you much success with your writing.

    Chiron O'Keefe
    The Write Soul:

  4. Tami, Hiding under the bed with a flashlight to read is one of the great things about a scary scene, especially when you have a hand to hold. Hoping and wishing and dreaming our stories keep you, as well as, other readers biting their nails at times, shivering at other times and going oooh, awww, or mmmm while reading every story we right. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  5. Candance, Your words are so generous. Thank you. Speaking of TBR lists, your book SUSPICION OF LOVE is alreday on the laptop just wanting to be read. The concept of an Edwardian Myster Romance is just all too appealing.

  6. Chiron... That is so kind of you to say. We appreciate the compliment and your good wishes. The name of your blog, The Write Soul, sounds like a wonderful site for writers to ponder. Yes, guilty, we stopped by. Again, thank you.

  7. LOL - I love your definition of Writers block! AWESOME! I really loved the excerpt!

    You guys are so funny and I always look forward to reading your blog posts!


    PS ..... I can't believe Tami is on top again! You gave her preferential treatment didn't you? lol

  8. I think that if you are a good writer you have to write every day even when you think you have writer block. Great Excerpt.

  9. Val,

    It is just as much fun running your post when it on the top or the bottom. Your compliments make Angelica blush... in truth Zi as well. Thank you stopping by. You are the one who is AWESOME.

  10. Loretta,

    Great words of wisdom that every writer should heed. We appreciate the comment and are grateful that you dropped by. It was a delightful treat.

  11. I like that line, she pulled his ripcord and opened him up to possibilites or something like that, so perfect and such a great statement. It's what you hope a relationship will do isn't it?