Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cruising from Galveston - Last Day at Sea.

This is what the water looked like early into our cruise. It doesn't look very rocky but evidently it was enough to make many people sea sic. I was fine as long as I didn't look at the oceans movement too long. Looking at the horizon helped settle my head and stomach.

Friday flew by in a blur. I paid the $24.00 to spend an hour on the internet checking emails, loops, etc. Then visited the photo gallery to pick up pictures I'd ordered. Here's the one I had made in hopes of using it on my website but it's rather formal. Onboard is a great place to have pictures made as they're only $23.00. This photographer had an opening so I stepped in line. Others have different staging and might have had something less formal but we were in a hurry to get to dinner.

Would you believe I didn't make it to the casino once. I love to play the slots but for some reason wasn't compelled to play. Larry went to a Veterans gathering. I considered playing Bingo, but Larry isn't much for games. I wish the ship's cruise director would scheduled some educational activities. I'd love to attend something on historical facts about our destinations, spotlights on other Carnival ports, or writing workshops. Heck, I'd love to give a writing workshop and would for free. They did have a wine tasting and a scrapbooking workshop. I heard at one time they'd had one on needlework. I know a lot of people like to scrapbook, but it's not an interest of mine. I do like to knit and crochet but doubt I'd attend a workshop as I'm pretty skilled at the art. I did stop in the Animal Art towel folding class for a couple of minutes but couldn't imagine where I'd use the skill.

Look how calm the sea was Friday evening at sunset. A major difference for us landlubbers. Those that had been sea sick finally got to enjoy the cruise. It was strange for it to get dark so early. Adjusting to this new time change is difficult for me. We had late seating for dinner so were able to enjoy sitting on the balcony until time to leave at 8:00 PM.

The Wild Rose Press author friends. Fleeta Cunningham, me, and Tiffany Green.

Here are all the writers, except one, on the grand staircase. A couple of people are journalists and some authors are in the beginning phase of submissions. We had a wonderful time and hope to make this a yearly function with more people attending each year.

I hope you've enjoyed my travel musings.

Thanks for Reading and Writing!



  1. I LOVE cruising
    and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  2. I do too, Kimber. We did have a great time. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh Linda, it looks like so much fun! I especially like those pictures of the water, and even more your pic. It's lovely and not at all too formal for your webpage. You look fabulous.

  4. Linda, I thought you took a wonderful picture, but I like the one you have here.

    You made me want to go on a cruise.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience and all those pictures; the sea really does change drastically, doesn't it? After listening to you, I think I'll have to make it a new life mission to go on a cruise at least once.

  6. Hi Angelica and Zi,
    Isn't the water awesome. Nature can be so impressive. Thank you on the picture.

  7. Larry said the same thing, Sandy. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I hope you do, Linda. There was a couple on board with a small baby and my sister and brother-in-law took their two-year-old with them in September. She figured out how to unlock the deadbolt and got out in the hall though. Take your folks with you so you can alternate keeping the little one.

  9. Wow, I bet that scared the couple, learning they had such a genius child!! Maybe I'll wait until my baby's old enough to swim.

  10. It did, Linda. It's really easy to turn and is right on the doorknob. They need something at the top for people with small children.