Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Heart Will Find Yours is Up for Best Western Romance of 2009.

Book One of the Turquoise Legacy, My Heart Will Find Yours, received a 5 spur review from Love Western Romances making it eligible for their Best Western Romance of the year award.

Click on Love Western Romances and go to their home page to vote.

Thank you and Happy Reading and Writing!



  1. Yay, Linda!!!! Congrats. And thank you for providing the link to vote. I just did and was happy to see I got put in a drawing to win a basket of goodies and a $25 gift certificate...just for voting.

  2. Thank you for your vote, Linda. Good luck on winning the basket of goodies and/or the gift certificate.

  3. Linda, I voted, too. For some reason I didn't about this. Good luck.