Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog

Is it really worthwhile? Many of us have asked ourselves this question. And depending on the person, answers will vary. Some feel it involves too much time and effort that could be better spend on their next story. Others feel a blog keeps them connected with their readers, authors, and others out there in cyberspace.

I've often wondered--of what benefit to me is it to have fellow authors read my blog. The answer is simple. Authors are readers too. They have readers on their blogs that may drop by yours on occasion. Also, those writer friends may ask you to guest on their site and vise versa which may bring you new readers.

When I started my blog, Linda LaRoque's Musings, it was difficult deciding what to blog about. Interestingly enough, I get more hits on recipes, vacations, posts about my dog (this week I told about her run-in with a copperhead snake), and short stories I've written. Readers also like to hear about new releases and promotional events. An occasional post with writing tips can also be a big hit.

Blogging doesn't have to be hard. Your posts don't have to be long or on a schedule. Write about what interests you which in turn proves to your readers you're an interesting individual. Respond to your reader's comments. They may never check back, but then again, they might.

Offer an incentive for them to keep coming back. I give away an ebook every month.

I've just started putting out a monthly newletter. Will it take the place of my blog? I don't think so. Though the newsletter will have some of what I've blogged about, it serves a different purpose. Many would rather read something once a month that comes directly to their mailbox rather than go to your site each time you blog.

Remember, each time you blog, each time you comment on a blog, google makes note and that's a hit for you. Google your name and see how many times your name comes up? Is it 10, 100, 1000, 10,000? The higher the number, the better you're doing on getting your name out there.

What are your thoughts about blogging?

Happy Reading and Writing folks!



  1. Hi, Linda--I have written a blog for LASR called "Confessions of a blog Junkie." I love blogs, I love my blog, I'll at least take a look at just about anyone's blog! I find them fascinating. Why? For the reasons you state. I learn about that person, and I learn which blogs I like and which I don't care for, although I could honestly say, "I never read a blog I didn't like in some way."
    The blogs I tire of, though, are those promoting a book, with a blurb, a cover, etc,. you know the drill. Usually I know those things from the person's website or Yahoo loops we share.
    I like to post anything that pops in my head. Maybe someone will like it, maybe no one will. But it's my little way of expressing myself in some manner.
    I just finished a blog I saved in a document--as I do all of mine--titled--Is Your Life a Circus? It just came to me, and in 20 minutes, I have it ready to post.
    So, there you have my opinion. Blogs should be interesting, something a reader can identify with, and something to entertain. I believe we think alike. Celia

  2. Hi, Linda, you brought up some great points. I never used to blog much, but it is a way to keep in touch, and for those of us who are struggling writers, it's cheaper than a Web site--free. :) I have fun with my blog and like to write about a variety of things.

  3. Very interesting post, Linda. I like to visit blogs and leave comments (like tonight), but my own blog is used for posting info like book signings and such. I know. Not the sort of blog you like to visit. Since my new position as vice principal, writing time at all is so very limited. Once in a while I post about something else, and I look forward to the day I can write about a variety of things. Until that time, I'll just keep visiting blogs like yours and learning!
    Great post!

  4. I have my own blog and I participate in a blog with another group of writers. I find the biggest challenge in blogging is to attract readers and subscribers. I have a website that I consider my 'home base', but I use blogs to reach out and touch readers with news about my books, my life, and writing in general.

  5. I love the whole blogging world, Linda. It's an excellent way of making contacts around the globe and sharing information.

    Although I have a more personal blog on my website, I started a separate blog at the beginning of this year so I could share writing markets, info etc with other writers. That seems to work well.

  6. As a reader and writer, I both read and write blogs. What I've noticed is when I blog about off book topics people who didn't know about me seem to find me. And in return, when I search for something and come across a blog on the subject, I've suddenly discovered someone who pens things I want to read. It is so true that writers are most often readers. I'm a book every day or two kind of gal. With that kind of reading appetite finding new authors, via blogs and other means is a great way to whet my literary appetite. The biggest problem is my TBR list is HUGE.
    Interesting post Linda.

  7. I've met lots of interesting people in the blogging world and gotten some wonderful recipes too (thank you). I love your explantion on why to blog. It makes me feel better about why I do it. And now I'm going to have to go back and find that rattlesnake vs. dog post I missed!

  8. Blogging is still a bit hard for me. I'm struggling with exactly WHAT should I blog about?

    Since I combined my blog with my website, I enjoy that a lot better. It has almost all the features that Blogger does, except for the "follower" button. But, instead, I have a members page. I like that.

    Since there's more dimension to me than "just" being an author, I decided on a more personal touch. Mondays, I have a segment I called Doggy Tales where I write a post about any of the pets we've owned. I've also asked fellow authors/readers to contribute to this (hey, I can only have so many pets!). I'm an animal person and I just LOVE to know about folks' critters! :) I figure lots of other people might too.

    Other than that, I still scratch my head wondering what else can fill up the other days.

    But the fact I am enjoying blogging now more than I ever did when I first started is a good sign -- at least I hope so. :)

  9. I'm with you, Celia. Excerpts and covers are great but it's nice to have something different to add interest. I love your blog. You have many interesting topics.

  10. You're right, Laura, it is cheaper. Your historical topics add variety.

  11. Thanks, Mickey. You'll have that time one of these days. I can't imagine trying to maintain a blog while I was teaching full time. Retirement is grand. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Yes, it is hard to attract readers, Linda. I think having the book give-a-way has helped me some.

  13. Enjoying blogging is half the battle, isn't it Rosemary? I enjoy it too when I can think of something to blog about. Some days the ideas come, orders I have to dig to come up with a topic. You're doing great to maintain two.

  14. Wow, Eve, how do you get any writing done? You must be organized. I agree with you on the topics and people finding you and visa versa.

  15. Thank you, Linda. Writing it made me feel better too. Hope you enjoy Molly's story.

  16. I've not tried the website/blog option. Glad it works for you. Having a day commited to specific topics is a different twist. I enjoy reading about animals.

  17. Linda, I blog on my blog once a week, and I blog once a month at Romance Books R Us. It's never hard to come up with a topic.

    I get a lot of comments when I talk about our kitties. So glad you found a home for the little homeless kitty.