Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mountains to Prairies B&B, Hill City, South Dakota

In Hill City, South Dakota, our home away from home was the Mountains to Prairies B&B. We spent three nights there enjoying the accommodations, our hosts and their other guests. Located a block from town, walking to restaurants, shopping, and activities like the 1880s train is easy.

Below are our hosts Linda and Sam Brown. Linda cooked delicious breakfast, a different dish every day with homemade breads, breakfast casseroles, pancakes, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee or tea. Sam served us while sharing sight seeing information about the area.

After breakfast we sat around with the other guests and visited. Linda and Sam joined us. We had such a fun relaxing time we were late leaving every morning.

We met wonderful folks from Massachusetts. From left to right, my husband Larry, Sam (host), Peter and Patricia (newlyweds on their honeymoon), Linda (host), Marie, and Nancy. As you can see, the dining room is filled with antiques as was each of our rooms. Larry and I stayed in the Prairie Homestead room.

Linda will be guest blogging one day soon and sharing her prize winning currant jam recipe with us. She and Sam scour the countryside for berries for her jams and jellies.

I hope you'll join us when she visits.

Larry and I've been to a number of B&Bs. We love the ones where we meet interesting people. What about you? Do you enjoy staying at B&Bs?

My next post will be on Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and Deadwood.

Thanks for Reading and Writing!



  1. That looks like a fun place, Linda, nice and homey. My Dad grew up in South Dakota. We visited relatives there when I was a kid, and I caught a big catfish just across the border in North Dakota.

  2. I think Hill City has some nice fishing spots, too, Kathleen. Love your ID by the way. The B&B was nice and homey, comfortable with good company. Thanks for stopping by and if you'll email me at linda@lindalaroque.com I'll send you a copy of Recipe for Romance. For some reason this site's email isn't cooperating.

  3. Linda,

    It sounds like you had a lovely trip. My favorite way to enjoy life.

  4. These are awesome, Linda! Love the decor of the place. Wonderful settings for future books!

  5. Wonderful pictures! Looks and sounds like you had a great time! I love the Black Hills, (which is why I used the setting in one of my books). We stayed in a cabin that overlooked the Crazy Horse monument once, and that was so awesome to look at every morning as the sun came up.

  6. LINDA--lovely place, and I envy you. We've never stayed in one, but they always look so interesting. You were fortunate to find one with great hosts and interesting guests. I look forward to your next stop. Celia

  7. Angelica never stayed at a B&B, but it is on her bucket list. Zi vows to live forever so he doesn't need a bucket list.

    Anywho, sounds like a fabulous trip, and what a wonderful adventure, meeting new interesting people.

  8. Oooh, Lauri, I bet the cabin and it's view was awesome. It's beautiful country. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Celia, my brother and sister-in-law and cousin and her husband go to a b & b every New Years. We have the best time, meeting interesting folks. Ya'll should give it a try.

  10. Haha, Angelica. I hope he does. Give a try the next time you have to travel.

  11. Linda, what a wonderful possibility every day presents us—and it is plain to see that YOU fully relish and develop your days and possibilities! I am so pleased to have enjoyed some face-to-face time with you, though it seems not enough. Between Sam and me, he is the one good at visiting and I am more expressive with the written word...but you are blessed with being adept at both!! Thanks for sharing about our B&B! I will no doubt soon be enticed to read one of your books, whether time permits or not. :) Linda Brown

  12. It has been many years, Linda, since we enjoyed your company at our B&B. Because our original website is no longer functioning, we are now using our standby sister website, which for all practical purposes is identical to the original. www.blackhillsbedbreakfast.com

    Our place is still known as Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast / Cabin Suites. And also known as Black Hills In-Home Cabins! We now offer accommodations with or without breakfast, with the rate adjusted accordingly.

    Wishing you many wonderful years authoring your written works!

    Sam and Linda Brown