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Reviews for A Way Back and Flames on the Sky

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I'm thrilled with the reviews A WAY BACK has received and all so shortly after its release. To read the entire review, click on the link.

You Gotta Read Reviews by Val - You Need to Read

"Having read some of Ms. LaRoque's work before, I knew I would be in for a treat. Each book is like a breath of fresh air and another opportunity to get lost in another world. I'm not a fan of history but this book made learning about the 1930's so much fun. It's evident that Ms. LaRoque has done her homework on A Way Back and because of that, I was totally immersed in the time period. Ms. LaRoque paid excellent attention to detail and her writing style is polished and easy to follow. Whether it be the engaging plot line, compelling characters or talented author, I highly recommend you read this book."

The Romance Studio by Theresa B. - 5 Hearts

"I liked how the author blended the modern and the old. Amber was a modern woman who took no man's gruff and knew her way around the business world. Wellman was straight-laced, a typical slightly stuffy 1930's man. Even though Amber had different ideas about women in the work place, Wellman made little objection to her ideas. To me, this made him a more forward thinking man and a great person for Amber to hook up with. The author did a very good job on the finer details of the story, adding interesting tidbits. There was mention in the story of a time traveler before Amber made a appearance, it would of been nice to have them meet or to tell what happened to him. But I guess that's another story."

Long and Short Reviews by Camillia - 4 Books

"Ms. LaRoque’s descriptions of settings and emotional stress of that time are amazing and attention keeping. Even though A Way Back is short, the characters come to life as she tells of Alva’s swollen feet and legs, of Samuelson’s fury, and of the odor of unwashed bodies that labor under horrible conditions. She assails the reader’s senses with the smell, feel, sight, and sound of an oil well blowing. Of course, the Wall Street bankers’ condescension when Amber takes control of the bank is not to be missed—so many “unladylike” words come to mind to describe them.

How Amber and Wellman cope with a situation forced upon them in a disastrous economic time creates sad, funny, and emotional charged events as they each reach for a happy-ever-after that looks impossible. While A Way Back is an incredible revelation of the tremendous changes that have taken place in less than a century, it is most of all a beguiling love story about two caring people."

It was great to get another review for my fall 2009 release FLAMES ON THE SKY

You Gotta Read Reviews by Val - You Gotta Read

"The characters throughout this book are very well developed and Ms. LaRoque brings vivid life to the Chocoan Anasazi heritage . I am not a history buff. It's hard for me to grasp how people lived in the past, but when I can read a romance novel and learn something, I fall in love with history. Ms. LaRoque lays the foundation for life as it was back then. She leads the reader into the customs of the time and how different that time period is from ours now. I find time travel fascinating and Linda LaRoque makes it more than just a learning experience, she also makes it fun. Flames on the Sky was an action packed read that kept getting more interesting the more I read. I never knew which turn the story would take and was very pleased with the ending. I highly recommend Flames on the Sky for anyone who loves romantic suspense laced with some history and time travel. This was a full bodied novel that you don't want to miss."

Now I must get back to the grindstone. I'm in the middle of a time travel set in the Texas Panhandle in 1889. It's a followup to A LAW OF HER OWN. The working title is SEEKER OF TRUTH. An investigative reporter returns to the cabin near Fredericksburg to learn what happened to Charity Dawson. I'm also working on a romantic suspense set along old Route 66 in New Mexico.

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