Monday, April 11, 2011

Guest author Michael Murphy

I'm pleased to have Michael Murphy on my blog today. I've known Michael for several years and enjoy his works. Today he's talking about his newest release, Scorpion Bay. Take a look. It sounds like an awesome read.


Award winning novelist Michael Murphy and his wife make their home in Arizona with their two cats, four dogs and five chickens. He enjoys writing mystery and suspense novels with twists
and turns and splashes of humor.
Scorpion Bay is his seventh novel.

Here's the story behind Scorpion Bay.

When I came up with the story for Scorpion Bay, I knew I wanted to write a mystery/suspense novel involving a Phoenix newscaster. Like my others there would be a mix of humor and offbeat characters along with the danger and suspense. I had everything except a title.

Placing a novel in a real life setting requires accuracy in the details. Since several scenes take place at a marina at Lake Pleasant, I visited the lake so I could accurately convey how the characters would interact with the setting. At the visitors center, I learned all about the lake from a helpful employee. As I was getting ready to leave, he mentioned they were building a new marina at Scorpion Bay.

Had I heard him right? Yup Scorpion Bay. Sounded like a great place for an Arizona lake marina and more importantly, it sounded like the title of a mystery/suspense novel. That's how I came to write Scorpion Bay.


When a car bomb kills the prosecuting attorney and a key witness against a powerful bioengineering industrialist, the blast shatters the life of the attorney’s husband, popular Phoenix television investigative reporter, Parker Knight. After authorities hit a dead end, Parker risks his career and his life to seek his own revenge. Riding a high tech motorcycle and wearing a black disguise, the crusading newsman inadvertently becomes a media created superhero jeopardizing his quest for justice.

You can view the book trailer at
Scorpion Bay is available in Kindle.

Paperback is available at Second Wind Publishing.

To learn more about Michael, visit his website.

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Today Michael will be giving away an autographed copy of his first novel Try and Catch the Wind to one lucky commenter. So, leave Michael a comment. You'll also be entered into my monthly ebook drawing.

Thank you for joining us today, Michael and best of luck with sales. I'll be buying a copy of soon.

Happy Reading and Writing!


  1. My daughter loves to read, and is in her first year of college, with hopes to attend law school. I think she would 'Scorpion Bay' I will be looking forward to reading it with her. ( We share, or should I say fight over books )

    All the best Michael, with your book release !

  2. Scorpion Bay - I love the title! Congratulations on your release and much good luck with sales.

  3. I love to hear the stories of how author's come up with their story and title. Thank you for sharing yours! Look forward to reading your book too! Thanks Linda for having him!

  4. Thanks, everyone. My favorite author is Nelson DeMille because he blends humor with his suspense. I try to do that with my novels and think I hit the mark with Scorpion Bay.

  5. I love mysteries with a mix of humor. I'll have to check this out. Congrats on the book, Michael, and for you on the blog, Linda. I also interview authors on my blog.

    Susan Whitfield

  6. Coming up with a winning title is no easy task!
    Christopher Hudson

  7. It sounds like a great story, Michael. That title just fell in your lap, didn't it? lol

  8. Don't even remember the original working title. After getting the title, I sweated out a book cover that would do the title justice and was very pleased with the results. Did I mention the cool book

  9. It's a great title. The 'sting' effect gives it a nice edgy feel. Thanks for sharing your backstory.

  10. Hi Michael, it's me!! **waving madly** Imagine my surprise and delight at seeing your name on TWRP's yahoo loop!! Folks, Michael and I are both represented by the same fabulous agent and cross paths often on our agency's yahoo loop. Folks, you have to watch his book trailer. It's great. Oh, and if one coincidence isn't enough, my husband has a book coming out through the same publisher as Michael. Does that make us "kin" or something? Much success to you.

  11. Very best of luck to you, Michael! You deserve it!! and I hope your good luck turns into great sales!!!!!

  12. Enjoyed hearing about your book, Michael - love the title and the note of suspense.

  13. I appreciate all the kind words. This has been fun. Thanks again to a talented writer, Linda, for having me.

  14. Sounds like your book has a potential movie in it. Cool! I am also a client of Dawn. She is editing my first book in a mystery series (three sequels are already done). I am a former newspaper reporter with 19 years experience in the NYC area. You ever need insight into reporters, call on me ( I was also intrigued by your emerging authors site. When my book comes out, I will thrilled to get on it. I have a close friend who lives in Tucson. Can't remember if she saw a pix of you or your description of the area you live in Arizona, but she believes you live in Tucson, too. Good luck with the very well titled book. As a book browser, I can tell you I always pick a book off the "shelf" that has a catchy name.

  15. Glad Nat commented on our Yahoo group so I remembered to visit. I have to get this book. I have always wanted to visit Arizona. Mysteries need great locations and sounds like you've accomplished that for this story. I'll tell you more after I've read it. LOL

  16. Hi, Michael...Scropians.. I live in Central Texas and live with Scorpians--I've been stung numerous times. Anyway, your book sounds intriging, and the title is excellent. I call such a "Killer title." Very attention-getting.
    I haven't seen much of Arizona, but the state does evoke many scenarios of Western Historical romance...if one was a mind to. Congratulations... Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas

  17. Thank you, Michael, for being my guest today, and all of you who stopped by and left Michael a comment. I look forward to reading Scorpion Bay in the near future.

    Michael, please wait until in the morning to pick a winner for your autographed book.

  18. My son-in-law is an editor on the Arizona Republic in Phoenix. I'll alert the media.

    Good luck with your book.


  19. Sorry I'm so late. Busy schedule.

    Wow, Michael, your novel sounds great. Thanks Linda for having him today to share the back ground to his book. I love learning how the story is created. Every one is different and unique!

    Hugs to both of you!