Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amazing Author's Event

Starting Jan. 12, thirteen AMAZING AUTHORS will host a blog tour. Visit each author's blog and read through their post carefully. At the end of the tour there will be a test - but instead earning an A or, gasp, an F, you can earn PRIZES: amazing stories by these AMAZING AUTHORS, as well as some other cool giveaways. Thanks Anna Katherine Lanier for this catchy intro and Ginger Simpson for organizing this event.

Here's the AMAZING AUTHORS lineup:

Jan. 12. Caroline Clemmons -

Jan. 13. Beth Trissel -

Jan. 14. Roseanne Dowell -

Jan. 15. Cathie Dunn -

Jan. 16. Maggie Toussaint -

Jan. 17. Patsy Parker -

Jan. 18. SG Rogers -

Jan. 19. Linda LaRogue -

Jan. 20 Jacquie Rogers -

Jan. 21. Karen Nutt -

Jan. 22. Anna Kathryn Lanier -

Jan. 23. Barbara Edwards -

Jan. 24. Ginger Simpson -

I know I'm late in posting this. Sorry about that but you can go back and post late.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading and Writing!


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