Thursday, March 15, 2012

Linda LaRoque - Author of the Year Nominee

How exciting! I'm up for Author of the Year at Champagne Books. Whether I win or not, it is an honor to be listed with the other fine authors who've also been nominated.

Nominees for Author of the Year are

Linda Rettstatt
Martha Krieger/Allison Knight
Michael Davis
Julie Eberhart Painter
Linda LaRoque

Nominees for Novel of the Year are

Kill Fee by Julie Eberhart Painter
Million Dollar Bra by Jennifer Loy
The Devil's Wife by Holly Hunt
Light Switch by Lauren Gallagher/Lori Witt
Whispers Of Innocence by Michael Davis & Candace Morehouse
Scoundrel by Rebecca Goings

Today I leave for EPICON, The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition. I look forward to meeting people I've chatted with on line but have never met face-to-face. It's in San Antonio at the historic Menger Hotel. Perhaps I'll see a ghost! If I do you'll hear about it when I return.

I'll be participating in the book signing from 1:30-4:30, so if you're in San Antonio, stop by and say hello.

Happy Reading and Writing!


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