Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The 777 Challenge

I was tagged by Ciara Gold along with six other authors. My challenge is to go to page 7 of my current work in progress and post seven lines. When I'm done posting, I get to tag seven other authors. Hmm, who shall I tag? Oh and once I'm done, I challenge those seven to do the same and tag 7 more. Too fun!

And now for my excerpt. This is from my current wip tentaviely titled Birdie's Nest which is my current Work-In-Progress. 

The Brazos Belle stood at the dock decked out in party streamers of green and maroon to match Samuelson’s logo colors. A costumed butler took her invitation and escorted her across the gang plank. “Everyone’s is aft on the upper deck, miss. Up those stairs. You won’t miss the crowd.”

“Thank you”

Voices and laughter grew louder as she approached. What a sight. Men and women in period dress graced the deck milling about in conversation, eating hors d’ouevures, and drinking wine and cocktails. She lifted a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and made her way to the rail to observe as they cast off. Maybe she could hide out over here for awhile.

Watching the ripples of the river glide by soothed her. The boat was almost abreast of Birdie’s Nest. Red brick, her home sat on the remaining five acres of family land a hundred yards from the road with a red brick drive leading up to the covered side entrance.

My 7 authors to tag:

Ceila Yeary
Sky Purington
Paty Jager
P.L. Parker
Linda Rettstatt
Gary Eddings
Rita Bay

Have fun!


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