Monday, April 21, 2014

Birdie's Nest—Escape to 1890s Waco, Texas—A Time Travel

June 1, 2012, Waco, Texas
            “Why Birdie, where’ve you been hiding all that… bounty?” Sergeant Ted Weaver, Birdie’s co-worker, whipped off his Stetson and laid the hat over his heart. His gaze raked her from head to toe, finally settling on her breasts. Birdie wanted to smack his grinning face. She snorted and covered the bare skin above the red strapless dress with her oversized handbag. It’d taken all the nerve she could garner to exit the ladies restroom in the sleazy garb. Tonight’s Victorian costume party dress paled in comparison to her current get-up. Everyone in the unit was counting on her to succeed this afternoon. But tonight her family home was at stake. She couldn’t afford to fail at either assignment.
            “Watch yourself, Weaver.” She slapped her thigh, where her thigh holster held her Ruger, with her free hand. “I can still pierce your ear for you.”
            His howls of laughter bounced off the walls. At least the other men in the office were courteous enough to bend their heads and try to hide their snickers.

            Being a woman in the Texas Rangers wasn’t easy. While some tolerated her, others ignored her. If she pulled off this afternoon’s assignment, where several male rangers had failed, maybe the stigma of being a woman in their ranks would lose some of its stink. 

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