Sunday, November 9, 2014

Excerpt 1 for Shattered Vows — Release date November 11th!

“Mr. Rayburn, Mr. Hampton will see you now.” The trim, neatly dressed secretary held the door for Stewart, and he entered the spacious office overlooking downtown Reno. If it’d been some other day with a different reason for this visit, Stuart would be curious about the beautiful office and its view. But he was on edge, anxious to find out what this inheritance was all about.
Mr. Hampton, middle-aged and slightly balding, rounded his desk and shook Stu’s hand. “Would you like something to drink—tea, coffee, water?”
“No, I’m fine. Thank you.”
Mr. Hampton nodded to the young woman waiting by the door. “That will be all, Mrs. Keller. Please hold all calls.”
The older man patted the back of one of the two cream-colored leather chairs facing his desk before returning to his place behind the desk. “Have a seat, Mr. Rayburn, and let’s get right to it. I know you’re a busy man and anxious to know why I asked you here for this meeting.”
“Yes, I am.”
“All right then.” He opened a large folder on his desk. “Do you know a Miss Josephine Lawrence?”
The name didn’t ring a bell.
“I believe she called herself Josie Lawrence. Most of her colleagues knew her by the abbreviated name.”

Stu’s breath lodged in his throat, and heat rushed to his face. Unable to speak, he merely nodded.

More to follow tomorrow!



  1. I am excited, Susan. So wish I was home so things would be easier. Thanks for stopping by.