Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm Convalescing Again—Shamrocks and Travel Trailers

This is the second time in just over two years that I've been off my feet. This time I tripped over a parking stop and landed on my left knee fracturing the patella and tibia. After six days in a stabilizing brace, I saw the orthopedic doctor. After more x-rays he put me in another brace and I'm to go back in three weeks. I'm so grateful I don't need surgery.

You'd think sitting around I'd be able to get a lot of writing done, but I'm not comfortable so haven't made much progress. I don't hurt, I just can't relax.
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I'm working on two stories at the same time. One is a Historical Western Romance that takes place in 1890. The Irish heroine is fleeing Ireland to get away and hide from her step-father. My working title is A Shamrock in Texas.

The horseshoe in the picture was supposed to symbolize Texas. From my reading I learned, it, along with the four-leaf clover, symbolize luck. When used as a decorative piece, if the shoe is open to the bottom, you can lose all you've gathered. Turn it open side up, to fill it up again.

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The second story is a Women's Fiction set in current time Dallas. My working title is It's My Turn. I can't tell you much about it or I'll be giving away the story line. I will say it involves a retro pink travel trailer and though serious, has some humorous moments.

I've had this "thing" for a travel trailer lately, especially a retro one, and my husband keeps saying "No." He'd rather stay in a motel, and truthfully I do to, but I think they're so cute and I miss those earlier days. We had a travel trailer when the kids were young, but let's face it, they can be a lot of work. Plus you need a place to park them and you need special insurance to cover damage.

I hope you'll leave me a comment today. I'm particularly interested in your interest in travel trailers, especially those retro one. If I could pick anyone I wanted, I'd chose one that is turquoise and white and pull it with a 1957 turquoise and white Thunderbird. Of course I couldn't pull a very big trailer but that's okay.

What would you chose. Look at the pictures on Pintrest.

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  1. Hey, Linda, I loved our trailering years, too. We went all over Europe from 1971 to 1977, traveling from Den Helder in the Netherlands to Rimini, in Italy, and a lot of places in between whenever we had vacations. Normal times, we parked in a campground, the first year, in Kehl, near Koln (Cologne), so even when Bob was

    away doing helicopter stuff, the girls and I could go camping, and did. In subsequent years, we found a place closer to home and spent the entire school vacation there so the girls had a fishing pond and an Olympic size pool, and my friends and I had this neat little bar that served the best Sangria!

    We hauled that 17foot trailer through (literally, once) the Alps, in that we pulled it onto a train that took us through a lo-o-ng tunnel under the mountains from Switzerland to Italy. Other trips, we went on surface roads, which my clostrophobic brain liked a lot better. At one time, we had four kids playing Monopoly in that trailer all one rainy afternoon in Lucerne. Our elder daughter spoke English--the little one, at less than 2 didn't speak much--one kid spoke German, another, French, and the 4th, Italian. Having no language in common didn't spoil the fun or the game.

    We swam in the Adriatic Sea,the North Sea (where the little one said, "Daddy, I don't like this water. It's ALIVE!" Poor little pool-bred kid.), the English Channel, the Rhine River, the Danube, and more lakes than I can recall. I said it was 17 feet, but in Europe, they include the yoke in the measurement, so the interior was only 14 feet, yet it had all we needed, except a bathroom. We also bought a tent extension, which zipped onto the frame an was held up by This doubled our living area, a requirement as the girls grew and an Afghan Hound and a hamster joined the family. I just went looking through old files for photos of the trailer, but that album must be elsewhere. I hope you don't stay laid up too long, Linda, and that you'll soon be writing again. I just realized, this is about the most I've written myself, since the incident in Costa Rica sent us running for home and safety. We don't have a 14 foot trailer here, we do have a 34 foot boat we call home at least until we find a furnished place to rent because we walked away from everything we couldn't cram into 3 large, overweight suitcases. Maybe I should ease my way back into writing by doing blogs. My mind seems to be able to focus for something this length.

    1. What an exciting and adventurous life you have had, Judy. The Sangria and the pool sounds similar to the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

      I've been meaning to ask you if your boat has a guest bunk. Just kidding!

      Thanks for stopping by today and sharing your adventures.

  2. Charley and I lived in a small 15' one back before kids. Didn't really travel like we had planned. This last year they opened a new Holiday World that we pass by each day on the way home. We drool, but I know the hassles. Can't wait for the next stories to come out. Maybe you are doing research for a future character who is recovering from a fall...

    1. Something to tell your grandkids. Oh no, don't stop at Holiday World. It's too tempting. I stopped one day to look at an unusual little trailer I'd never seen before but left before the salesman could reach me. Thanks for posting.