Thursday, July 21, 2016

How's Your Summer Going?

It's hard to believe it's half over. Here is Texas, it's been hot, but not as unbearable as other areas in the U.S.

For many folks, summer is a time for travel. Though we like to travel during the fall, we've done our share during these warmer months.

As is our habit, the Riley girl cousins had our yearly trip in late April. We prefer to be on the road before summer break. This year we went to New Orleans. We'd wanted to tour the cemeteries but decided to take in the free sight and save our money for other eating binets at Cafe Du Monde. Yum! My very first binet experience. Loved them.

Bourbon Street—my first and last visit. It's a place for the younger crowd.
Historic building on Jackson Square.
Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster.
Thunderbird Lodge—the grounds
In late June, Larry and I drove to Gallup, New Mexico where I wanted to shop for a Zuni fetish necklace. While there we stopped again at El Rancho Hotel and ate lunch in their restaurant.

El Rancho.
From there we traveled to Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. We stayed at Thunderbird Lodge on the Navajo Reservation. It was a very nice place, quiet, and surrounded by greenery.

Ancient ruin seen from the canyon floor.
Part of the canyon from above.

The canyon is filled with pueblo ruins, petroglyphs, and fascinating rock formations. Run by the Navajo people, they guide the tours and share their history with visitors. There is not park entry fee for Canyon de Chelly.

Where will your travels take you this summer?

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  1. We're doing no traveling during the summer. Since we're both self-employed we like to travel during off peak months. I would have enjoyed the places you visited.