Monday, April 23, 2018

Please Vote for A TOUCH OF TEXAS IRISH for the RONE award.

Here I am asking for votes AGAIN! 

I am elated that A TOUCH OF TEXAS IRISH is in the running for a RONE AWARD in the Historical Fiction section.  Voting on Historical Fiction began today and will continue through the 29th. Please go to

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To locate the awards, go to the top right hand side of the page and click on IND'SCRIBE/RONES. Select RONES and then week two Historical Fiction.

"Aileen Lynch is devastated the day her mother dies of cancer. When the last will and testament is read, dark family secrets are revealed. Already stricken with grief, Aileen is shocked to learn of her father’s insurmountable gambling debts. Before she can be handed over in marriage to a sinister man her Da owes money to, Aileen flees Ireland for Boston, where she stays with the family of her Ma’s attorney. There she meets the handsome widower Dr. Samuel Walker, a visiting guest from Texas, who has lost his wife and baby in childbirth. He marries Aileen to get her out of the pickle she is in, and takes her to his home in west Texas. The town and culture is very different from Aileen’s Irish homeland, but she adapts beautifully. Once she meets Sam’s young son Tad, the two become fast friends.  Da and his dastardly debtor eventually find Aileen and do the unthinkable in an attempt to destroy Sam and Aileen. 

With several surprises and some suspense, this is a well-written page-turner.  There is the just right amount of angst as Sam fights his growing feelings for Aileen. It was refreshing to read the tastefully written, clean romance scenes. Would Sam and Aileen finally admit their love for each other? The author did a wonderful job with character development and description of life in the late 1800’s. A highly recommended five star read!"
 Layne Lancaste

Sometime this summer I have a new book, The Art Appraiser and The Lawman coming out. 

      "Good grief, Abby. You've been reading too many romance novels."
Abby Devry, a Fort Worth art appraiser meets Roark Espinoza, a Texas State Trooper at a party on a ranch in West Texas. Attraction is instant, but Abby hasn't had much experience with men, and she's worried he'll be hurt on the job. Roark knows what he wants in a woman and is determined to marry Abby, but wounds from a past relationship haunt him.

Hired to inventory and appraise items in a beautiful historical home in downtown Fort Worth, Abby is surprised to learn the owner is Roark's maternal grandmother, and he'll be there to help. As they work together, their relationship blooms. It isn't until they travel to the Espinoza family ranch that Abby learns to trust her heart and have faith that if Roark is hurt in the line of duty, she'll be woman enough to cope.

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