Friday, December 7, 2007

A Heart's Desire - Coming Feb 15th from Dark Eden Press

A Heart’s Desire

When life is filled with pain, look to the future – or the past.

Loren Fairchild wants nothing more than a family, but she’s barren. She is enchanted with the English cottage in Bury, but shocked when a simple-minded woman wearing a nightgown walks in as if she lives there. That afternoon, Loren explores the pond and meadow beyond the garden. A storm blows in and when she arrives back at the cottage, a man, two children, and an elderly woman are in her cottage, having dinner at her table.

When Miles Chapeau came home from the war in 1945, his wife had the mind of a child. He struggles to keep her close to the house and safe. One morning, in 1947, he wakes and she’s gone. A wide search is conducted, but she’s not found. That evening as a storm rages outside, he and his housekeeper try to comfort his two children. The door is thrown open and a drenched woman demands to know what they’re doing in her cottage.


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    Kristin Lawrence

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