Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Got Tagged!

I got tagged by one of my new critique partners, Ciara Gold. She's a wonderful new friend and fellow writer with loads of wisdom to share. Check out her wonderful releases at Champagne Books. Soooo, I'm supposed to tell you six things about myself and tag six friends. Hmmm, let me see. Okay.

1. My husband and will have been married 41 years on December 23, 2008. We have two grown children, especially good looking and talented if I do say so myself, and an extraordinarily smart, charming, handsome grandson.

2. I love to crochet and knit in my spare time, mostly while watching television and make items for new babies and some afghans.

3. Later this month we'll be leaving to tour the east end of Route 66. Last November we toured the west end but didn't make it all the way to California. We'll do that possibly next fall.

4. This weekend I attended an early 1980s reunion at the high school where I used to teach. It was fun to see my students as adults and fellow teachers as senior citizens :-).

5. I'm having foot surgery October 30th so will be propped up in bed or the recliner all day for a couple of weeks. Thank goodness for laptops!

6. I have several life long friends that mean the world to me. Though we don't get to see each other often, when we do it's as if we'd never been separated by time or space.

I'm tagging these people.

1. My good friend from a former critique group Sandra Marshall. Sandy's first book The Catalyst is now out in ebook format with Forbidden Publications and will soon be out in trade paperback.

2. Sandra Kay is a an author on Writers and Readers of Distinction. Check out her new book Heart of Stone at The Wild Rose Press.

3. Hywela Lyn , a lady from the U.K. writes romantic sci fi and western adventure stories. Her new book, Starquest, is at The Wild Rose Press.

4. I first met Judith Leger at the RWC group. She's been a long time online friend and one day I hope we get to meet in person. She has an awesome dragon story she's shopping and several works out and coming soon with The Wild Rose Press.

5. Celia Yeary is a Texas lady like myself. She writes Western Romances. She has several titles out with The Wild Rose Press.

6. Jenna Leigh is a Champagne Books author with several interesting titles. I don't know you, Jenna, but hope to soon. Check out Jenna's releases.

There were so many authors I'd love to have listed but had difficulty finding ones with a blog and ones not already tagged. This has been loads of fun and an interesting exercise. I hope those of you've I've tagged will participate. This is a great promotional tool.

Kind regards!


Linda LaRoque, Pres. HOTRWA; When the Ocotillo Bloom, Wings 2007. A Law of Her Own, 8-27-08; Desires of the Heart; My Heart Will Find yours; and Flames on the Sky coming soon from The Wild Rose Press. Forever Faithful, 11-08 and Investment of the Heart 5-09 from Champagne Books.


  1. Thanks, Linda--you're a real pal! However, I'm not sure what to do, but I'll figure it out. I've never heard of this sort of thing, but then, I do live in the boonies. Celia

  2. Thanks, Linda, I'm with Celia, I don't know what to do either. lol


  3. You're one of my shining stars!! Keep leaving a trail of stardust and I'll follow where ever you go!

    Love ya!