Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Molly is one spoiled dog!

Three years ago I'd have laughed if someone told me I'd be so attached to a dog that I'd let it get on the bed with me. Dog hair on my bed! No way.

Then three years ago in June, while out of town, we stopped at Walmart for a gift. At the exit, cars were lined up with people selling puppies. I'd been wanting a dog for several years, but kept telling myself we didn't need one. One sign said, "Free." On impulse, I said, "Stop, just let me look."

Well, it was the full grown dogs that were free, the puppies were $10.00. They were six weeks old. I held a male. He was a cutie but I swore to never have a male dog again. It just so happened they had a female and the lady was so desperate for a home for them she let me have her free.

On the 100 mile trip home, I couldn't believe what I'd done, but with Molly cuddled up close to me, I knew I'd done the right thing. Of course, the vet bill was high. She had two kinds of worms, needed shots, medicine, and heart worm pills. Then there was the kennel, dog food bowls, toys and the list goes on.

Our son was living with us at the time and he loved to say, "Molly, if Mama hadn't taken you, you'd be decomposing on the side of the road somewhere." I hate to think her situation would have been that bad, but do know she's brought lots of joy to our house. And comfort during some difficult times.

In the picture above, you see her sitting in my husband's lap with what we call her cigar. It's a rawhide chew bone that she carts out with her and then back in again. She hides it in corners in plain site. It's funny but gives her pleasure.

This past fall, somehow she talked me into letting her on the bed. I like to take a nap in the afternoons and would insist she get in her bed. But, that day I couldn't resist those soulful eyes. Now at nap time, she snuggles in beside me and I pull the opposite edge of the comforter over her. Of course, now I have to wash the comforter more often, but she's worth it.

Here she is all tucked in. The flash woke her up. I think I've created a monster. If I can't find her, she's most likely on the bed. Guess I'll have to close the bedroom door.

We're leaving for a trip to West Texas Thursday morning early so she'll be going to the kennel. She knows the people there and has other dogs to play with but I know she'd rather be home.

Yep, Molly is one spoiled dog, but we love her. She gives loads of love in return.

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  1. I have one dog, one cat, and one bird in the house. I have several dogs outside!! They are all spoilt, but my inside ones more!! My dog (Lady) does not know she is a dog. She is really my husbands, he loves her and she loves him. My cat (Muffin) is 13 years old, but so far still going strong. She is a little contrary at times and prefers me. My bird (Dizzy): all I can say is the name fits him. He is a parakeet-when you go into the kitchen cooking or whatever- he says "what you doing" and starts flying around wanting you to sprinkle water on him:) They are all spoiled, but why not!!

  2. Hi Linda - what a lovely dog!

    I have an adopted dog too, his names Bouncer and he does just that - bounces when he wants attention. He came from an animal shelter in Wales where he'd been taken after being ill treated and abandoned. He'd had a fractured hip and pelvis which had been allowed to heal untreated so he's on permanent medication - but you'd never know, he's so happy and lively. I also have two horses. Unfortunately we don't have any land of our own so they're kept some distance away, but we go every day to feed and care for them and they're just as much part of the family as Bouncer.

  3. Hi Judy,
    I never knew birds were so personable until a friend told me about her bird bathing under a small stream of the kitchen faucet. How cute that your parakeet talks. I think that's what pets are for--to spoil.

  4. Bouncer sounds like a cutie. A shame he has to take medicine but he's lucky to have you to take care of him. I've seen pictures of your horses. They're beautiful!