Friday, October 30, 2009

Writer's Retreat at C-Bar Ranch near Lake Whitney

Every October, my local RWA chapter has a writer's retreat. It's a time to get away, share ideas, participate in writing exercises and critiques, and generally renew our muse. For the past three years we've had it at the same place. The cabin is rustic and the scenery is beautiful.

At the top is the creek with running water right off the back porch. We could hear the sound even with the door and windows closed. Sunday morning we heard a crow and a turkey talking back and forth.

The picture above is of the pond right outside the back porch. While we've been there horseback riders bring their horses for a drink. On Sunday morning we heard a crow and a turkey calling back and forth to each other.

Below we are learning to use All Way Sync, a program that allows you to back up only the document you just finished working on rather than all of your documents. I can't wait to put my new knowledge to good use. I even bought a new flash drive for that purpose only.

Someone didn't want their picture taken. I'm calling this "The Eye."

One of our favorite activities is the Brown Bag Activity. Someone stuffs a bag with a number of items and we all have to write a short story and include every item. Everyone shares their story with the group. They are usually hilarious. This years one brown bag contained  deodorant, a painter's mask, heel savers, a condom, a Mason jar ring, and a small package of hot sauce.

We also like to watch a video and identify call, to action, turning points, black moment, etc. This year we watched Twilight. The critique the group did for me was very helpful as was helping me plot a new project I have in mind to start soon.

We enjoy our retreats so much we're considering having another one in the Spring. Being a small group, planning is more mangeable.

Thanks for Reading my musings about our time at C-Bar Ranch. Don't forget to leave a comment for my monthly ebook drawing.

Happy Reading and Writing!


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  1. It was loads of fun, wasn't it.

    --Mystery woman (but not The Eye)