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Linda Swift shares her latest novel—Full Circle—Ebook Give-a-Way

Linda is here today to share, Full Circle, her latest novel's journey to publication.

Full Circle is a book that has lived up to its title. It began as a contracted book with Kensington but due to closure of its line, was cancelled the month of release. I already had its beautiful cover flats and I wept all over them. A digital publisher accepted it but required all the subplots be omitted. Need I tell you that cutting out half the book was like chopping off my arms and legs? Again, it had a gorgeous cover and was well received as a romance book. At last, I have put the entire book back together again and once more, it has a perfect cover. Not only will readers now be able to enjoy the reunion of Joanna and her one true love after many heartbreaking years, but you will be able to read the entire story that was only hinted at in Circle of Love. The full story deals with an adopted daughter's agonizing search for her birth mother and the conflicting emotions of her adoptive father. However, all is not gloom and doom in this story.  There is also the off again, on again courtship of two secondary characters, the humorous episodes of Pete's and Joanna's attempts to placate his resentful children and Joanna's efforts to fit into the role of rural and domestic life. So if you have read Circle of Love, now you can fill in the gaps with Full Circle. And if you missed it, never mind, for now you can take the shortcut and read the 'unabridged" edition. 

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FULL CIRCLE, Contemporary Romance- New Release by Linda Swift
Joanna and Pete were high school sweethearts who believed they were destined to be together always.  But Pete was drafted and never knew that Joanna was pregnant with his child. Her domineering father relocated the family, forced her to give up their baby for adoption, and kept them from finding each other when Pete came home.

Years later at a school reunion, they meet again.  Pete is a prosperous farmer, a widower with five children. Joanna is an unmarried big city college professor. In that same city, Beth is desperately searching for her birth family while her adoptive father is determined to stop her.
Can Joanna and Pete overcome the obstacles that separate them now? Will Beth find what she seeks? Does fate complete the circle of these diverse lives to bring happiness at last?

   In minutes, Joanna was back in the bedroom, where she could hear the conversation which had grown more heated.
   ".. .but I just couldn’t believe you would do this to our mother." LaWanda’s voice sounded near tears.
   "This has nothing to do with your mother. Joanna and I—" Pete began but his daughter cut off his protest.
   "Really, Dad, what I find hardest of all to take is your bringing that...woman here to sleep in our mother’s bed. How could you?"
   She cringed as Pete thundered, "For your information, Joanna has never slept in your mother’s bed. Though it is no longer her bed anyway. And let me remind you that both you and your sister have barged in here uninvited and unannounced!"
   "Since when do we have to be invited to come to our mother’s house?" LaWanda choked out the words and Joanna felt her pain.
   "LaWanda, let me repeat." Pete spoke in a measured tone. "This is no longer your mother’s house. Your mother is dead. Has been for over three years now."
   LaWanda’s voice caught on a sob and Joanna put her hand over her mouth, torn between rushing to reassure her and sobbing herself.
   Finally she said in a subdued voice, "I never thought you’d act like this, Daddy. I thought you loved our mother."
   Now she wanted to rush to Pete’s side and reassure his daughter that he did but Pete’s next words proved that he was able to defend himself against the unjust accusation.
   "My God, LaWanda," Pete exploded. "I did love your mother, do love her. At least, I love her memory. But I’m not married to a memory. I’m human. And I have needs—physical and emotional needs—that a dead woman can’t satisfy."
   "Oh, Daddy, how can you even think about sleeping with anyone else...especially a woman like Doctor Joanna Flemming?"

Linda Swift divides her time between her native state of Kentucky and Florida. She is an award winning author of published poetry, articles, short stories, and a TV play. Her first two books were published by Kensington. She writes historical and contemporary romance; mainstream and speculative fiction, short stories and poetry (available in e-books and print from Amazon and other distributors) Linda's publishers include Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery, Champagne Books, Whiskey Creek Press, Whimsical Publications,  and Willow Moon Publishing

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  1. Good morning, Linda. Thank you for having me as your guest blogger today and tomorrow. I will be "in and out" due to a busy schedule both days but I promise to answer every comment so I hope your readers will check back again. I'm looking forward to meeting new readers and connecting again with readers I already know.

  2. Hello, Linda and Linda--Linda, You couldn't have chosen a better excerpt. It had all the emotion and frustration wrapped up in one "conversation." I love it.
    This story deserved to come full circle, with all the deleted sections replaced. Beth's story is as good as Pete's and Joanna's, and it needed to be there to make the story complete. Congratulations on your perseverance and love for this book.

  3. Thank you so much, Celia. Both for your comments on Full Circle and for stopping in today. You are always such a supportive friend. And I agree that Beth's story makes the book complete. Anyone who is adopted or knows anyone who is will relate to Beth's agonizing search.

  4. It's hard to have the larger story trimmed down to bare bones. I'm so glad your story is whole again. Best luck Linda.

  5. Thank you for your good wishes, Rose. And even though the story was well received as strictly a romance, I feel it is much richer with the other characters being "fleshed out" and especially Beth who is searching for her real mother. And thanks for your visit today.

  6. Congrats on your latest release, Linda. Hope you sell lots!

  7. Congratulations to Rose Anderson whose name was drawn for a free digital copy of FULL CIRCLE. I am trying to get in touch with you with download info. So far, no luck. Please contact me at my email address above if you read this post.

  8. Congratulations, Rose!

    Thank you, Linda for being my guest. I hope you sell loads of books. Best of luck!


  9. Thank you for hosting me here, Linda. ( I have written a letter to your email address also.) You have a lovely blog site and it was fun to be your guest. Thank you for the good wishes. The book is doing well so far. I am hoping Rose will get in touch to claim her free book. She can contact me at