Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Love To...

Browse country catalogues such as The Vermont Country Store? I enjoying viewing popular items from my teen years and items that my mother used—especially cosmetics.

They have English Leather, my husbands signature aftershave when we married. While he was in Vietnam, I sprinkled samplings on one of his tee shirts and tucked it under my pillow at night.

My mother liked to purchase White Shoulders for me, but when I got in high school, I opted for Chanel No. 5. My mother was a big joker. She used to call Tabu fragrance, meet me under the bridge at midnight. It was a strong aroma.

Others I remember seeing and some times wishing for are—Evening In Paris, Joy, and Arpege.

Oh, but the makeup, what fun it was to go to Woolworth's and browse. Tangee and Coty lipsticks and blush (we called it rouge back then), MaxFactor Pancake Makeup, and Coty Air-Spun face powder. The only mascara was Maybeline's in the little compact that you had to dampen before applying to the brush.

The photo at the bottom is Madeline mascara in a box. The date says 1977, but I don't remember one like this. I believe it's from an earlier time period. The one to the left is the one I used in the late 50s and 60s until liquid mascara came in to being.

Let's not forget about Avon. They've been around a long  time and had everything. I do love the sample lipsticks they had. 

As a young adult in college, I was sold on Bonnie Bell products and used their cleaning as well as their cosmetics.

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  1. I'm laughing Linda, because it's interesting what we learn, and the things we're reminded of, just doing research. I used Maxfactor Pancake make-up. I think it was called PanStick. I learned at an early age that taking care of my skin was vitally important. Chanel No5 was my favorite perfume, and later Jungle Gardenia. But in the very beginning, I used Evening in Paris. I remember it came in a cobalt blue bottle. Interestingly, I saw on the internet recently, one can find Evening in Paris for sale as "Vintage Perfume." I, too, used Maybeline mascara, and Revlon lipsticks. My first cleanser was Ponds Cold Cream, and I used Noxema, too.

    Thanks for the memories,


    1. Hi Jan, I use the PanStick too. Tried a little of everything. Aren't these fun memories? How did you run across this post since it is a year old. So glad you did.

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